Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Americans, So You're Not Happy With Trump? Change the System!

As I've written before, the two main party nominees for the American Presidency were the two worst in the History of the United States of America. And as "unsuitable" Donald Trump may be as POTUS, I still shudder at the thought that if it wasn't for the Electoral College, we'd see Hillary* and her crooked cronies in charge.

One of my "visual aids" for teaching vocabulary

I'm a remedial teacher and have a knack to describe complicated things rather clearly. So, here's my very simple explanation why and how Donald Trump managed to mow down all the other Republican wannabes.

  • Yes, by giving ordinary Americans the opportunity to choose a candidate, it was pretty easy to predict that they'd choose the better showman. Voters confused reality television with reality.
  • Viewers loved the outrageous Trump statements, which encouraged news channels/sites to give him oodles of free publicity which snowballed and saved him advertising money.
  • The financial cost of Primaries is so high that only the wealthiest or those with the richest backers** can afford to compete.

And there's another reason why Trump won, and that's the one even harder for the Democrats to accept. They just aren't in synch with the ordinary American citizen, rich, poor, Right, Left and Center. Yes, I know that many of you are about to shout that Hillary won the popular vote. Yes, she did, but that was due to her support in just a couple of very heavily populated states. The county results of 2016 should be taken very seriously.

2016 County Map

Democrats lost in the House, Senate and Governorships. ALL THAT RED AREA VOTED FOR TRUMP! Spooky, isn't it?

Before the Primaries season, Trump hadn't a chance at all. When he campaigned in the Primaries, even if Trump, himself, didn't take his campaign seriously, ordinary Americans did. And by the time the Primaries campaign was over enough American voters had identified with his anger and fears to support him, even though most of the media, plenty of their favorite athletes and pretty much all of Hollywood kept insisting that he was an unqualified, dangerous nut case, and they should make Hillary the first female President of the United States of America.

If the Democrats want to win, they must understand that ordinary Americans did not relate to their platform. They found many of the campaign promises, and the "accomplishments" of the Obama administration terrifying. And now, they still feel attacked by the Left, because Trump isn't being given a fair chance, at least in their eyes.

If the Democrats were smart, they'd just let Trump fail on his own.

If the Democrats want to win, they should be quickly grooming some young Centrists to run in 2020.

And if Americans want more qualified nominees, they must rollback the Primaries or they'll just get more and more reality stars in high office.

*It's not just that she's anti-Israel, but don't forget all the foreign funding supporting her fake "charity."
**That is how Hillary Clinton dominated the Democrats. She had already contracted with all of the big Leftist money well before the Primaries even began.


Chrysler 300M said...

plus, Weiner´s weiner

Batya said...


Shlomo Goren said...

In terms of the "popular vote" issue, I think the simplest way to address it is by the fact that the margin in favor of Clinton in the overall popular vote was significantly less, in absolute numbers, than her margin in ANY ONE of the major US cities (NYC, LA, CHI). Discard a single one of those cities (whichever you want), and Trump takes the popular vote as well.

Mr. Cohen said...

Another highly-intelligent blog-post from Batya Medad!

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Batya said...

Anonymous Shlomo Goren, thanks interesting.
Mr. Cohen, thanks

sheldan said...

Batya, your explanation of how Trump won the primaries was on the mark, and I think it summarizes the issue.

Here's my take on how the 2016 election became the washout that it was. I think that the current decline began with Clinton's election in 1992. At that time, there was a little change in the mood of the electorate that was different from how we related to all previous presidents, and it continued through Clinton's and George W. Bush's presidency. The protests during Clinton's and Bush's presidencies showed a lack of respect for the sitting president.

Beginning with the 2008 presidency, the people finally abandoned common sense and seemed not to care whom they nominated. The Democrats nominated a backbencher senator who did not seem to have the qualifications, but the desire to "make history" overcame the need for someone who traditionally had the experience to be president (although the Republicans were vulnerable in that election due to the economy). Now in 2016, with the opportunity to unseat the Democrats, the people again did not seem to care who ran. As you said, they chose a showman over what was probably the best lineup of candidates in many years. And due to the outrageous Trump statements, they nearly blew the opportunity to win, if not for the incompetence of the Democrats trying to "make history" again. Unfortunately, this time both parties put forth bad candidates, and no matter how we voted, we would have a bad taste in our mouths for the next four years. (I'm hoping that this doesn't become "the next eight years," because I am not looking forward to a repeat of this election.)

I don't have a problem with the primaries per se, but I think the process should be reformed so that so many good candidates don't have to drop out before the primaries in many states (although the names were on the ballot, the lack of viable candidates made the nomination of you-know-who more of a foregone conclusion as time went on). If we get disgusted enough, maybe we can force the major parties to reform the primary system so that we have a real choice of candidates.

Batya said...

In theory, primaries are good, but it's too easy to get more Trumps, since political competence isn't a criteria for winning. Democracy is the rule of "idiots." Majority of ignoramuses....