Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Local Elections, My "Brigadoon" Job

Photo by Miriam Feyga Bunimovich

An amazing number of my neighbors can't imagine having local Shiloh Elections without my being on, or head of, the "Election Committee." I've been doing it for decades, even predating the present way we hold elections.

The location of the voting has moved around Shiloh, and in recent years, as the founding members have gotten older, we've tried to make a point of having it in a handicapped accessible location. That's one of the reasons we used the very easily accessible library.

We just elected two out of five members of our "town council." Each member serves two years, so one year we elect two and the following year we elect three.

I really enjoy this volunteer position. I get to see my neighbors, young and old. OK only one person older than me came in to vote the other night, but that's one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. It's a way to celebrate the growth of the wonderful community I've been living in since the first 1st of September, 1981.

And why do I call it the "Brigadoon" Job? That's because it's very time limited, and once the elections are over, the committee disappears, just like Brigadoon.

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