Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bibi's Promises are Worthless

Just a few months ago the community of Amona made a very difficult and controversial decision. They agreed to allow their community be destroyed in exchange for the building of a new and fully approved community, not too far away.

They were pretty confident that as painful as it was to leave their lovely hill near Ofra, the package Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government had offered was better than another violent confrontation. The government had even begun to assemble very large prefabricated homes for them to live in until new homes could be constructed. These prefabricated homes were made transportable. Imagine them as the modern Mishkan, Holy Tabernacle that had been constructed in the wilderness for the recently released Jewish slaves, as depicted in the Torah Portions we've been reading.

Shiloh's main synagogue, designed to look like the Biblical Tabernacle

And like the Biblical Tabernacle, these homes are also supposed to be brought to the area of Biblical Shiloh.

One of the proposed locations for the "new Amona" is south of Shvut Rachel
The only problem is that Bibi's word isn't worth anything. And the families of Amona are still waiting to find out where they're going and when.

Now the families have began a hunger strike near the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem. 
Today at the Shabbat table, talking with friends about the political situation in Israel. We all felt that Netanyahu is useless and isn't acting as a national leader. But the biggest problem is looking at the alternatives, the wannabes, those who dream of replacing him. They are far worse.


Shiloh said...

First of all, don't we get the leader we deserve? Putting that aside, please see what Prof Gil-White has to say about who this guy is. His web page is He says it so well, by his actions we shall know who he is. Like being the first one to be in contact with FATAH in the time of the Shamir gov't. You all wonder why we vote right and get left, well his career as a furniture salesman prepared him very well.

The other thing is very sad, we have no one in the public eye worth voting for.

sheldan said...

Unfortunately, it's too common that the current leader is "worthless," but the alternatives are "far worse."

I realize that in chu"l (outside of Israel) my words should not have more weight than they do, so I have to yield to the Israelis when it comes to what their government should do. Nevertheless, somehow there must be some thinking out of the box to find someone to replace Netanyahu. He's been around long enough, and he seems "too hardline" to most of the world and "too weak" to those in Israel. (Sounds like a good argument for term limits.) Yet, because of inertia, the alternatives are labeled "far worse," and Israel is stuck with the one that is disliked but is "comfortable" in the sense that electing the alternatives is risky.

It's really sad that if Netanyahu is such a hardliner in the eyes of the world, he is restrained from acting like it. Maybe it's time to convince him to leave and elect a real hardliner and take the flak from the rest of the world. (We tried a less hardline prime minister, and that didn't work.) It seems that no matter what Israel does, they will be blamed. However, since the world cannot be pleased regardless, better to be respected.