Friday, March 17, 2017

Considering The State of The World, Glad I'm in Israel

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I see danger and chaos all over, even in the United States of America which was once the most powerful, wealthy and stable and safest seeming country in the world.

Way back when, in the post-1967 Six Days War euphoria, many Jews from all over the world, including countries that were much more advanced, comfortable and safe, began to make aliyah in unheard of numbers. In relative terms it was a mass-movement. That's because until then, it was more a one-way street in the other direction. I remember the argument against our decision to move to Israel by an aunt who said:
"Why would you want to move to Israel when all the Israelis want to leave it?"
But there was no arguing with me and my husband. We just got on that boat and never looked back. That was in the summer of 1970. Israel was a more difficult place than New York to live then, but it didn't stop us. We took the 1960's simplistic non-materialistic idealism and combined it with Jewish Zionism.

And then we went up a notch in 1981 when we made Shiloh our home. In the early years it was a challenge, but conditions were certainly much easier than the early Zionists endured. Yes, we have always considered ourselves and our moves to be continuations of Zionism in its most basic form. Remember that the early Zionists all of the Land of Israel as a potential home. And prior to that there were Jews in many cities including Gaza, not just Jerusalem, Hebron, Tzfat and other holy cities.

Today Israel is not only an internationally well-known high-tech haven, but traditional Biblical crops are thriving too.

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In another few hours it will be Shabbat, so I'm logging off for now.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
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Lynn said...

Enjoyed your comment. Reminded me of our heading down to Washington during the Six Day War, hoping that the US Gov't would support our little Israel. We made aliyah in 1971, and lived in Jerusalem (Sanhedria Murchevet) for about 10 years, and eventually to Beit Hakerem, total of over 22 years in Jerusalem. For personal reasons, had to move to Tel Aviv, and after some years, Raanana, and now, in a charming, lovely moshav, Kfar Yavetz (next door to my daughter). I know that we have many mutual friends, and, of course, by now you know that I was a Betari, and also served in Etzel (in the US)I joined Betar at age age 15 & Aaron Propes was the Natziv, followed by Moshe (Misha) Arens, and on...until age 18...and eventually, as a married woman, became active in Hadassah. Served as Chapter President in the US,on the national board, and later, Pres. of the Jerusalem Chapter. C'est la vie! Shabbat Shalom. Lynn Sharon

Batya said...

Lynn, great to hear from you. Thanks for commenting.
Be well and Shabbat Shalom!

Mr. Cohen said...

In the New York City area, there are dozens of synagogues whose members are 99% Jews-from-Israel who speak fluent Hebrew, and served in the IDF.

To a lesser extent, the same is true of every large city in the USA.

If Jews who speak fluent Hebrew feel that they can’t live in Israel, then how can Jews who don’t speak Hebrew live in Israel?

If Jews who have friends and relatives in Israel feel that they can’t live in Israel, then how can Jews who don’t have friends and don’t have relatives in Israel live in Israel?

If Jews who know where all the bus routes are and where all the stores are feel that they can’t live in Israel, then how can Jews who don’t know where the bus routes are and don’t know where the stores are live in Israel?

If Jews who know how Israeli banks work and how Israeli health-care works feel they can’t live in Israel, then how can Jews who don’t know how Israeli banks work, and don’t know how Israeli health-care works, live in Israel?

If you want to encourage American Jews to make aliyah, then your first step must be this: Israelis who live in America must return to Israel.

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Shiloh said...

Mr. Cohen, they leave for a reason. The gov't here makes it almost impossible to live. High prices, low wages, barely existing. This is not life and most come here for ideological reasons. But since the gov't here does not share any of those values (they talk but their actions are opposite) why should native Israeli's stay here when they can have a better life? Why should US/Canadian Jews leave a very good life to a life of hell? To lose every dollar they have, to not find a decent job. If one does not come with money, they barely exist. On top of that, putting up with the nasty behavior of people here. The French for example have ruined our neighborhood with their nasty arrogant behavior. They bring their Frenchness here and being it's a country for Jews they believe they can be themselves. Well, they are ugly selves. Its nice to spout for Jews to come home, but this is one hell of a dysfunctional family. Its just not worth it anymore.

Batya said...

Mr. Cohen, your numbers are totally exaggerated. And Shiloh, I don't see it like that at all.