Sunday, March 5, 2017

Anti-Trump Movement and "Best Picture" Snafu

I must make something very clear. I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I am both amused by the recent American Presidential Elections and was totally opposed to seeing Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. I consider Trump's nomination to be the direct result of the rather recent political party primaries system for choosing nominees by the two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. In 2016 both major parties nominated horrendously flawed candidates. And I consider the antidemocratic and unprecedented "not my president" movement to endanger the democratic process of the United States of America.

And about Hillary Clinton, she's as authentically Feminist as as the "designer" sic pocketbooks sold on Manhattan sidewalks. Would you want a daughter of yours to be married to a serial lech?

Hillary Clinton was scheduled to be nominated regardless of the system for choosing nominees. It had been promised to her in 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama came out of Leftfield and grabbed it once the Kennedy Clan gave him their support. She very professionally sewed up the major donors along with the traditional "party machine." That's why she wasn't challenged, except by Bernie Sanders who galvanized the Far Left and those desperately looking for anybody but Hillary and the Democrat "establishment."

One thing considered as the basic principle of democracy is that sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, and you must accept it. This boycott everything Trump movement, whether his or his daughter's and throwing wrenches into the what is generally easy approval for appointees can only paralyze government process, especially insidious when the resulting paralysis is blamed on Trump.

And what does this all have to do with the recent Academy Awards "Best Picture" Snafu?  The fact that Warren Beatty claimed afterwards that he thought something was wrong, but being a good actor, he didn't question his lines. Yes, that's what good actors do. Davka, think about it. Beatty had been paired with his "Bonnie and Clyde" co-star Faye Dunaway. As actors in that movie, they had brilliantly portrayed the sociopathic couple of thieves and killers into likable iconic characters.

Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images,
As anyone would, Beatty tried to roll with it.
He looked over the card two times, then a third. He clearly wasn't sure — it didn't make sense that his envelope said "Emma Stone." And so he showed it to his fellow presenter, Dunaway, who saw the words La La Land.
And, because the clock was ticking, she spoke them. (

If he had really noticed the mistake, why didn't he just say:
"Oops, this seems to be the wrong envelope!" 
That would have saved Dunaway from revealing to the world that she, like many of us, needs reading glasses.

Too many people are following the anti-Trump Pied Piper, endangering the American democratic system instead of accepting their recent defeat and trying to prepare for the next elections. Remember that the Republicans hold Congress and have increased their governorships. So there is plenty to do if the Democrats really want to improve their situation. Destabilizing the country is the worse thing possible. Yes, I believe that too many people are acting like Warren Beatty, who was afraid to be critical of his "lines," and the result of this "not my president" movement will be severe damage to the USA. That will not be Trump's fault. Sorry, it's like blaming the envelope for the "Best Picture" Snafu.


sheldan said...

In your first paragraph, you said exactly what I have been saying about the 2016 elections. Since the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton and the Republicans nominated Donald Trump, I said that as far as I am concerned the 2016 election was a wash. It didn't matter to me who won; we were in for a terrible four years, because, as you mentioned, the choice was between the worst two candidates that we could have nominated.

Frankly, I think this is a direct result of eight years ago, when the country elected a backbencher senator with very little experience. One could argue that the current mood of incivility may have started with Clinton's election in 1992, but I think that the mood of the country since 2008 is unprecedented. This poor-loser syndrome must be stopped! Unfortunately, we have to put up with this until 2020, so we have to make the best of it. I am hoping that despite the rough beginning, Trump will be successful, and he will need the help of the administration and Congress to pass meaningful legislation to move forward with his plans.

Batya said...

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