Saturday, March 25, 2017

Anti-Israel Hypocrisy Reigns

There is no apartheid in Israel. Arabs, Jews of all races, Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Druze etc. all live in Israel.

  • All live with full rights in Israel. 
  • All can study in universities, together in the same classes.
  • All get the same medical care.
  • All are allowed to worship according to their own precepts.
Protests like these are anti-semitic lies. 

But if you want to talk about apartheid in the Middle East, there are many countries and a notorious "district" that practices it unabashedly. They discriminate against one religion, and that religion is not Islam. It's Judaism.

Jews are forbidden to live as Jews in Jordan, the PA-Palestinian Authority and many other places, but for some fokokt antisemitic reason, nobody calls that apartheid. 

The United Nations, United States, European Union etc. all support making large parts of the Land of Israel Judenrein.  Judenrein means "clean of Jews," which is a form of apartheid, plain and simple. There is no logical way to dress it up into anything else, but somehow when it comes to anti-Jewish apartheid people refuse to accept/admit the truth. It's so easy to see how the Holocaust happened without any international protests as the anti-Jewish discrimination laws got more and more vicious morphing into death camps. It's a miracle that there were still Jews alive in Europe when the war ended, because saving Jews was not part of the Allied Forces battle plan.

International antisemitism is getting worse, and I can't see an improvement at all. Universities all over the world have accepted and teach the lie that Israel is an apartheid state that stole land from Arabs. This can't be rolled back. I'm very pessimistic about the future. I feel safest in Israel. Here, at least, I can still blog the truth.


Mr. Cohen said...

Batya, thank you for continuing to blog the truth.

Your logic cannot be refuted, but Leftists ignore logic.

Would it help to publicize pro-Israel web sites
in Jewish newspapers (as paid advertisements)?

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Batya said...

Thanks, we all try our best.