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GUEST POST: Jewish NYC Mayor

Two Quotes from Jewish NYC Mayor
a guest post by Mr. Cohen

MICROBIOGRAPHY: Edward I. Koch was a secular Jew.
He was Mayor of New York City from 1/1/1978 to 12/31/1989.


“I’m very conscious of being Jewish,” says Koch. 
He is also conscious of, and threatened by,
what he considers widespread black anti-Semitism. 

As a member of Congress, he seethed at black colleagues
who voted against aid for Israel; he feared that their votes
were an expression of their hostility to Jews.

In his oral memoirs of [year] 1975 and [year] 1976,
Koch reveals his innermost feelings about race relations:

“I find the black community very anti-Semitic. 
I don’t care what the American Jewish Congress or the B’nai B’rith
will issue by way of polls showing that the black community is not. 
I think that’s pure bull….
They’d like to believe that.
My experience with blacks is that they’re basically anti-Semitic. 

Now I want to be fair about it. 
I think that whites are basically anti-black….
But the difference is:
it is recognized as morally reprehensible, something you have to control.”

SOURCE: Mayor: An Autobiography (chapter 12, page 152)
by Edward I. Koch, year 1984, Simon & Schuster Publishers,
ISBN 0-671-49536-4

It seems that the secular-Liberal Jewish establishment organizations
cannot be trusted to tell Jews the truth about anti-Semitism. 


“The Christian community has failed in every case
involving the Jews. People said after World War Two
that it could never happen again to the Jews. 

But it is happening again.  Not in the same way,
with concentration camps, but with the same disregard
for the Jewish community’s safety and security.

You know, today in Argentina there are 300,000 Jews
who are living on the edge of a sword. Today. 
They can be expelled at any time. They have already
had their leader, [Jacobo] Timmerman, tortured and expelled. 
You have the Jews in the Soviet Union.  We would not
take in all those Jews if the Soviets were to expel them all. 

And that is the way it is across the world. 
And it is Israel that has to be there constantly. 
And its security has to be safeguarded 
And this isn’t only the way religious Jews feel. 
This is all Jews.  It is me.”

SOURCE: Mayor: An Autobiography (chapter 16, page 229)
by Edward I. Koch, year 1984, Simon & Schuster Publishers,
ISBN 0-671-49536-4

This quote reminds me of the good-old-days when secular Jews
and Liberal Jews – like Ed Koch -- were still solidly-pro-Israel.
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