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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jews, Don't be Complacent! Jerusalem May Again be Destroyed, 10th of Tevet

Too many times I've heard people say that Gd will never allow Israel/Jerusalem to be destroyed. Sorry, Charlie, but it's not true. That's the main message, reason we are supposed to fast on the10th of Tevet.
The siege of Jerusalem that began on the tenth of Tevet is marked -- and observed each year as a public fast day -- as the event that began the downward spiral toward the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the exile (galut) of the Jewish people from their homeland. The actual process, however, originated when the Jews began straying from G‑d, long before the siege of Jerusalem......The Temple was supposed to last forever; this depended, however, on the Jews' adherence to the Torah and its mitzvot (Divine commandments). At first, the Jews kept the Torah and steadfastly retained their faith, enjoying peace, prosperity and a direct connection to G‑d through the Temple. However, after 300 years the Jews began to stray from the Torah and leave the path of their fathers. G‑d sent prophets repeatedly to admonish them, but the Jews refused to change their ways, choosing instead to deride these prophets as false messengers come to discourage them with predictions of destruction. Chabad
Ever since the State of Israel and the Jewish People began its misguided worship of the Kotel, The Western Wall and gave the Muslim Wakf and the Kingdom of Jordan sovereignty over the Temple Mount, I've been anxious regarding our future.

Model of the Second Temple
built by the very talented Catriel Sugarman and his staff

In June, 1967, Gd facilitated a great miracle and not only did the Sate of Israel survive, but a good portion of our Historic Homeland was liberated and in our hands, The Temple Mount, Hebron, Shechem, Beit El, Shiloh and more. Unfortunately, successive Israeli governments have abused the gifts Gd gave to us. Our precious Land have been given to Arabs, even when it required destroying Jewish communities. And instead of trying to please Gd, the Government and influential Jews keep insisting that we must appease and please foreign states and rulers. I fear another great punishment and exile, Gd forbid.

Tzom Kal v'Ya'il
May You have an Easy and Effective Fast


Shiloh said...

Your fears may become a reality. The behavior (and obviously not taking charge of the Land). Zehu

Batya said...

It's in the hands of man. Gd reacts to what we do.