Monday, January 23, 2017

Jerusalem is Israel's Eternal Capital City!

Zion Square, Jerusalem
The insulting behavior of the world against Israel must end:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told senior ministers he is lifting restrictions on settlement building in East Jerusalem, a statement said on Sunday, immediately after the city's municipal government approved permits for the building of hundreds of new homes in the area. (Reuters)
It is really up to us. No normal self-respecting country would stand for it. Jerusalem has been the capital, most important city for the Jewish People since King David thousands of years ago. No other people or country or kingdom has ever had that relationship with Jerusalem. Actually no other indigenous people have ever had an independent country/kingdom here. Yes, there were invaders and occupiers like Hadrian, the Assyrians, the Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Turks and the British who had been assigned by the League of Nations to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish State here.

But the British sabotaged the plans by severely restricting entry to Jews and trying to invent Arab "nations" to occupy the Land, which had been known as Palestine-Transjordan. They invited the foreign desert tribe of the Hashemites to occupy the eastern bank of the Jordan and invented the "Kingdom of Jordan," which has no historic roots whatsoever.

November 29, 1947, the newly minted United Nations General Assembly rather half-heartedly voted to approve the establishment of a Jewish State in just a sliver of what remained of the British Mandate. At the same time it supported the establishment of an additional Arab State in most of what remained west of of the Jordan River. The Arabs were given military superiority and security, since they had the mountain range, which also was the Historic Heartland of the Jewish Nation and History.

Here we are almost seventy 70 years later, after many wars during which Israel has proven its superiority in all ways except for one. Although we have consistently and miraculously defeated our enemies, we still act like the world is doing us a favor by letting us exist. Today in the 21st Century there isn't a single country that honors and respects us properly by having its embassy in our "Capital City Jerusalem. And instead of taking steps/sanctions against them by retaliating in kind, and probably saving billions of dollars over the years, by locating our embassies in the cities of our choice, rather than capitals, we just let them insult us and our history.

Some of you will want to comment that they are sure that the United States will be moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Sorry, but until it actually happens, I just don't believe it.


Tracy W said...

I'm only an outside observer, so I don't presume to even begin to understand this very complex situation.

However, from the little I know it seems that some Israeli authorities may have a private agenda to slowly erode Israeli sovereignty over Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, while making reassuring statements to appease the Jews until the land is gone.

Now that the impossible has happened - a genuine pro-Israel US administration - your politicians appear to be desperately trying to put the breaks on Trump's plan to help Israel.

Why has the PM continued to favor Two States since Trump's election?

Netanyahu, just the other day:

“What I’m willing to give the Palestinians,” the prime minister said in the weekly meeting, according to Hebrew reports, “is not exactly a state with full authority, rather A STATE MINUS. This is why the Palestinians do not agree.”

Netanyahu did not elaborate further. In the past, the prime minister has said that he would be in favor of a demilitarized Palestinian state if the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

A "state minus" is a transitional stage to full sovereignty. It would put everything in place, including borders we suppose, to leave it ready for independence.

And a 'demilitarized state', Bibi's other vision, is absolutely unworkable. The Arabs would use any excuse to arm themselves and to establish an alliance with nuclear Iran.

Previously Bibi had expressed his hopes that Trump would help him establish a Palestinian state !!!!!!


It is hard to predict what Trump will do once he realizes that Israel's main problem is its own political elite.

Maybe Trump will notice the similarities with the European Union and the USA under Obama, with globalist politicians and their twisted nation-destroying agendas.


You could annex all of Judea and Samaria and Trump would support you, once you presented evidence of your legal right to the land.

That the Arabs would riot, well... what's new about that?

NOTHING will ever satisfy the Arabs except the full dismantling of Israel. There's no point in continuing to surrender land in the silly hope that it will buy Israelis any peace.

But your politicians won't even try annexation, or any policy that strengthens Israeli sovereignty. If they slow down Trump's efforts, or divert them towards the establishment of a Palestinian State, then this should embolden the right wing to launch a Trump-inspired patriotic movement that will force Israeli globalists into retirement.


PS - Although unrelated, I wonder why hasn't anyone helped organize and finance Palestinian mass migration to Germany? Germans adore them. Germans could stop funding terror in Israel and fund Palestinian terror in their own cities instead - in the name of multiculturalism, of course.


Shtrudel said...

The reason embassies (as opposed to consulates) are usually (though not always) located in the capital of the host country is simple expediency... Capitals are usually (though not always) the seat of government for host country...

The Netherlands is a good example for the exception... Though Amsterdam is the capital the seat of government is The Hague... If the Netherlands had been a larger country possibly foreign nations would have their embassies in Amsterdam and consulates in The Hague... However, the fact is that just about every country has their embassy in The Hague...

Frankly, my personal theory as to why so many foreign countries have their embassies in Tel-Aviv is hinted at by their location... Many if not most are right on the beach... Possibly the most expensive real estate in Israel... The remainder aren't far away... And the reason, according to my theory, is one word... EVACUATION...

Batya said...

Tracy, yes, Bibi has been making some totally awful tactical mistakes. He never should have come out in favor of a P state, even though his theory is that if he insists on enough conditions it will never exist. On this he is totally wrong. Sometimes even the smartest aren't smart enough for real life.

Shtrudel, the decision to have embassies in Tel Aviv have nothing to do with the beach. It's totally political.

sheldan said...

Batya, you are right in that we should not believe it until we see it. Nevertheless, I think now Trump has no choice. Having gone so far out on this limb, I think he would risk too much if he backed out now.

I was alarmed at a report that the ambassador would be in Jerusalem while the embassy would stay in Tel Aviv as a "compromise." I did not understand how that could work; if the embassy remained in Tel Aviv, everyone would still look at this as not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital. How would this be better than the current situation?

Fortunately, it seems that things are moving in the right direction. I think we need to be patient. I think the embassy will be moved and construction will be permitted in the settlements. (I am thinking that Israeli law will be extended to Ma'ale Adumim and eventually the E1 corridor will be annexed.) Considering the fact that Israel has had to live under a lot of constraints for the last eight years, I am a little optimistic that things are starting to get better.

Batya said...

Patience is not my strong point.

sheldan said...

Point well taken. But I don't think we have a choice.

John S said...

As I read from Zechariah it seems to me that God is currently using Jerusalem to expose the arrogance of the world's nations.

What part does a two-state solution have in God's ultimate plan?

“And the LORD will take possession of Judah as His inheritance in the Holy Land, and will again choose Jerusalem."

“Be silent, all flesh, before the LORD, for He is aroused from His holy habitation!”

Batya said...

Sheldan, we always have a choice.
John S, maybe