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Thursday, January 5, 2017

High Court Endangers Israeli Security

A supporter of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, who is charged with manslaughter by the Israeli military, wears a shirt depicting Azaria with the words in Hebrew "Bringing the light back to Elor" during a protest outside the military court in Tel Aviv on the verdict day for the soldier, Tel Aviv, Israel. (photo credit:REUTERS) Jerusalem Post
A few months ago, the very talented movie-maker Tzvi Fishman produced a short movie which explains/predicts what court verdicts like the Elor Azariya one will make more common, Gd forbid.

I have said/blogged repeatedly that any Arab terrorist caught in the act should be immediately executed. There is no reason to waste our precious money, taxpayers money, on supporting/bed and board for Arab terrorists and then wasting even more money on trials and then housing them in prison for years. They attempted to murder or actually succeeded in murdering, maiming, terrorizing, and that is a crime that should end in immediate execution.

And we all know how many guilty murdering terrorists have been let free in exchange for hapless Israelis, civilians and soldiers, such as the Gilad Shalit story.

This controversy isn't new, not at all. I've been living in Shiloh for over thirty-five years, and from the very first days here, neighbors have discussed the issue. Do we act and shoot, or do we wait until... Yes, frequently innocent, well-meaning law abiding Jews wait until it's too late. And they end up dead. So, the common response is:
"I'd rather see you in jail than in a grave."


Shiloh said...

Correct on all points. If you have not read it yet, available on kindle, read the book by Prof Eugene Narrett. WW3, War on the Jews. It is all about us being continually humiliated as in what just happened. We are truly a confused nation.

Batya said...

I don't "kindle."

Shiloh said...

Then buy the book. Its prophetic.

Anonymous said...

Watching the video, one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry! Sick, sick, sick. Does this answer the question of 'sovereignty' of the nation? Sorry, no longer a 'Jewish' country - it's under total occupation. Think people are waking up.

Batya said...

Shiloh, we have too many books. I don't buy, just read when given some.

a, this is a different issue. I'm complaining about the perversion of justice here. Arab terrorists aren't ordinary criminals and shouldn't be given any civil rights.