Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jerusalem Arab Murders at Least 4 in Terror Attack

Yes, that is what has just happened, not the way many headlines word it:
Jerusalem ramming attack: Four killed as truck slams into crowd
Ramming attack in Jerusalem kills 4
Sorry, but unlike what the Jerusalem Post said, the truck isn't guilty, nor did the "Ramming attack" do it all by itself.

Scene of ramming attack in Jerusalem (Credit: Magen David Adom)

According to the news, the Arab terrorist was an Israeli Citizen, holder of a blue Identity Card. Yes, this is an important detail. And the truck didn't drive itself into the young soldiers.

רפואה שלימה refu'ah shleimah, a complete and speedy recovery to the injured.
ברוך דיין האמת
Baruch Dayan Ha'emett


Shiloh said...

And no one wanted to take out the piece of garbage. Finally a soldier did. The wonderful leftist courts defang us. Oh, and another interesting tidbit, king Bibi said it was Daesh. This way he does not have to deal with the real problem, the PA, the invented nation. A 4 letter word comes to mind.

Batya said...

A number of people did try to shoot/kill the terrorist, but there were soldiers who fled.

Tracy W said...

Some reports say that soldiers did not dare to shoot until AFTER their leader did, too afraid of being court martialed.

FOR YEARS I've been reading news reports of IDF soldiers terrified of defending themselves against mobs throwing firebombs afraid of their own commanders and of being charged with violating the BE-NICE-TO-TERRORISTS-RULES and spending months or years in jail.

No matter how deadly Arab rioters may be, the orders are TO DISPERSE the crowd and not to make any arrests. If the riots occur at Temple Mount, it is the Jewish victims who get arrested.

During the Gaza war soldiers' lives were sacrificed in order to spare the lives of Arab terrorists and their human shields.

ARABS SMELL FEAR and your authorities' timidity and willingness to appease.

Jewish Press reported that today's terrorist was a released prisoner who carried an Israeli “blue card” and an Israeli driver’s license.

Those who get arrested and charged for murder and other crimes can always hope for the next mass release of Arab prisoners by your authorities, while their families collect salaries from the EU-funded PA.


The PM tried to link the attack to ISIS - just to make a point that terror is terror - but Arabs have been massacring Jews since the seventh century, and don't need ISIS to inspire them.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE between terror in Europe/USA and terror in Israel is that in those places they primarily want to terrorize the population, while in Israel their real ultimate goal is nothing less than GENOCIDE.


Batya said...

The Elor Azaria case was horrendous, but this controversy has been going on much too long. For years I've been saying that by tacitly accepting terror here, it will spread all over the world, which has happened.

Tracy W said...

You're right. All acts of terror now occurring in Europe and the USA happened first in Israel: The vehicle rammings, the random stabbings, the bombs in crowded places, and much more. When Jews are the targets the EU and the State Department blames those acts on the 'occupation' and called them "resistance".

Remember this? The Paris Peace March in January of 2015 in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Kasher terror was attended by government leaders from all over the world.

Netanyahu was told to stay home because he would make other visitors uncomfortable. But they invited Mahmoud Abbas, and I've seen pictures of Merkel and of Hollande giving him a warm greeting.

Europeans and the State Department do not regard the murder of Jews by Muslims as terror.

Germany and other EU countries have been funding and supporting Arab terrorists for decades. Aside from the PA, they fund hundreds of NGOs that encourage Arabs to subvert the law, build illegally, and commit violence.

Now Palestinian-loving Europeans are experiencing a taste of the fear and terror that Israelis have been enduring since before Israel's independence.

"GERMANY: Muslim invaders commit one crime every two minutes"

Inexplicably, Germans will re-elect Merkel in the next election. Her popularity has suffered, but there is no strong political opposition.

Germans brought catastrophe to Europe with their aggressiveness during World War I and II, and with their passivity in face of the Muslim invasion of the EU in this century.

I bet that to their very last moment as a German nation (probably by 2040 or 2050) they will continue to fund their proxy war against the Jews.