Saturday, January 14, 2017

"The Times They Are a-Changin"

It seems that "change" has come to the United States. Hasn't it? I was playing around, as only an English Teacher can do with the grammar of that first sentence:
Change is coming...
Change has come...
Change will be coming...
Or should I just quote Bob Dylan and say:
"The Times They Are a-Changin"
Dylan may not like my using his words for this blog post. According to Wikipedia, Dylan wanted to "encourage" change in a certain direction, but I'm using the title of his song to describe a change that the "experts" had failed to predict, and the politicians from both parties, Democrats and Republicans had failed to notice or comprehend. Yes, American politicians Right, Left and Center were caught flat-footed by a tsunami of Republican Primaries voters who chose the hard to categorize unconventional and idiosyncratic television personality, the building mogul Donald Trump, over a slew of wannabes to be the Republican nominee for the Presidency.

And then completely shocking all of the professional pollsters, and possibly himself, too, not only was Donald Trump elected President of the United States, but the Republicans took the Senate, Congress and more governorships than they had expected.
Yes, the United States had change, though not in ways that Obama, the Clintons and the perpetually Leftist media, academia and celebrities in both film and fields can accept.

I see a very broken, split disunited United States of America. Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are angry. The "Right" is so angry with the directions they see their country going that they preferred voting for a gutter/locker room-mouthed New Yorker rather than anyone else, and the Left is in shock that Americans, even women, blacks, Mexicans and other minorities all over the country didn't want more of Obama-type  policies and didn't think "it was time for a woman in the White House." Voters from most states also weren't impressed by the movie stars and athletes who had come out telling them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

American Jews who support groups like J Street are in shock that in a Trump White House they will no longer be the "court Jews." Gd willing by next Shabbat, a different type of Jew will be welcomed in the White House, and most of those not only will be eating kosher food, they won't visit on Shabbat.

It's time for Americans to accept changes and make peace with each other. I don't claim it will be easy and speedy, but for the sake of the future of the United States of America, it must be done.

And until that glorious day, please don't drive us in Israel crazy about "peace" in our area of the world. We have a much more serious problem. The Arabs want the State of Israel to be destroyed and all Jews banished. The only way there can be peace here is for the State of Israel to be stronger and sovereign here in all of the Land we hold. We deal with very big problems here, so please take care of yours, and we'll take care of ours.


sheldan said...

As I see it, eight years ago we started this period in America when we elected a backbencher Senator who represented the hopes of those on the left. Americans wanted a change, and apparently they weren't too particular about whom they nominated. And once Obama was elected, he indeed governed from the left--and much more to the left than many feared George W. Bush governed from the right (which maybe he didn't as much as many thought).

Eight years later, Americans wanted a change, and apparently they weren't too particular about whom they nominated. So we elected a businessman and reality TV star who came across as boorish, but he still beat candidates who probably would still have won but had no chance in the mood of the country. Now that Trump has been elected, no one really knows how he'll govern--he's not really a Republican, but definitely not a Democrat. But the public got what they (apparently) wanted, as they did eight years ago.

So one extreme reaction resulted in another. And because of the Obama experience, Americans are indeed angry, but I think this anger is unprecedented. It was bad eight years ago, but not like this. And we have to ride it out. I hope that four years from now, we will have better choices. But if recent history is our guide, it probably will be eight.

Batya said...

I'm horrified by the protests. As I was taught, way back when, you accepted your losses and moved on.

sheldan said...

That's the scary part of this. Eight years ago, the other side was certainly disappointed, but there weren't protests like these.

Anonymous said...

sheldan: The 'right' rarely uses violence or protests. It is only the 'left' who are notorious and infamous in using both violence and protests. That's the only thing they have because they don't understand what 'just & righteous' is, and they never have the 'facts'; just their way or the highway.

Batya said...

Leftist ideology is a "religion," and they can't comprehend that others don't agree with them. It frightens them. Communism came from the Left.