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Friday, January 13, 2017

Filmmaker Proves Arabs are Lying

It's so rare to hear anyone bothers proving that accusations from the Arabs and their NGOs aren't true. Ever since the State of Israel had been forced by Arab terrorists to put up roadblocks to prevent/reduce terror attacks, the pro-Arab/terror- Palestine sic NGOs keep claiming that Arabs are held up for hours when trying to travel because of insulting, invasive prejudicial security inspections, sic.

Now, of course, they don't take responsibility for the fact that not only terrorists/explosives etc have been caught by these inspections, but agricultural products which haven't passed Israel's up-to-date modern standards are also caught and confiscated. Consider that if you're going to the United States from another country and don't finish eating the fruit and/or nuts you had brought for the plane ride, and try to bring it into the USA you can be arrested. So of course Israel has the right to inspect all entering areas that are under full Israeli Law.

And also, they persist in ignoring the fact that the inspection aren't just for Arab cars. Jews and Arabs have to pass the very same checkpoints. And we ride in the same lanes, so if an Arab car is checked, the Jews behind it also wait.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz. Photo: Facebook.
Ruthie Blum on the algemeiner features this surprising video, Palestinian Road Trip! by Ami Horowitz.
A New York-based documentary filmmaker known for his controversial videos-gone-viral told The Algemeiner on Wednesday that he was surprised by what his newly released clip — “Palestinian Road Trip!” — revealed: that accusations against Israel about the “hours” it takes West Bank Arabs to travel from place to place as a result of Israeli roadblocks are highly exaggerated, if not outright false...
This dose of truth is very refreshing.

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