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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

For Those Who Claimed That Trump is an Antisemite...

David Friedman, YNetnews
Photo: Michael Friedson/The Media Line
Has there ever been an American President who has appointed so many Orthodox Jews to high positions as President Elect Donald Trump? Before the elections, people kept trying to tell me that Trump is antisemitic, because some antisemites supported him. Of course, the same people weren't bothered by the fact that all sorts of people who wanted to replace Israel with Palestine, Gd forbid, supported Hillary Clinton.

Besides appointing David Friedman to be the American Ambassador to Israel, now it has been revealed that Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law will be the Senior Adviser to the President, NBC News reported.

Lots of past presidents have appointed numerous Jews to high positions, but those Jews were the more "J Street" type, Leftists, more assimilated.

It will be interesting to see how things will change starting in the next couple of weeks. Hang on. Hold onto your hat.


Shiloh said...

First, Trump is not in office yet. Second, see what the Obama does in 9 days. Third, Trump is not our messiah and those Orthodox Jews might not be as supportive as we are guessing. And lastly, Trump, has a huge ego and a huge stick. He thinks that he can solve the conflict here by making a deal that only he can do. If we annex like we should have in 67, I don't think Trump is going to exactly support this idea. Watch who will enforce any UN security council resolution against us, Putin. Rough days ahead. I hope Trump does well for the US, but he needs to let us do our own bidding.

Batya said...

A couple of weeks ago my son's football team won a game in the very last second. So yes I agree that until Trump is sworn in I fear what Obama may do.
And although Trump is certainly no messiah I do not doubt that for Israel he will be better than Obama and pray he will be better than Bush and Bill were.