Monday, January 30, 2017

Dangerous Glorification of Arab Terrorists

On the International Left, in Europe, The USA, Israeli, too, and beyond, there exists an extremely dangerous phenomena glorifying Arab terrorists and terrorism. IMHO, one of the most dangerous and numerous locations is academia, universities all over the world, because they very authoritatively indoctrinate naive and gullible students, staff and readers of their articles and journals.

Members of Temple University’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. Photo: Temple SJP/Facebook.
Habash, described by Time magazine as the “godfather of Middle East terrorism,” was forced to resign as head of the PFLP in 2000, due to ill health. He died in 2008.
Temple U Chapter of Notoriously Anti-Israel Group Pays Tribute to Late Founder of Deadly Palestinian Terrorist Organization on 8th Anniversary of His Death
Israeli diplomats and pro-Israel students and speakers have been shouted down and banned from universities and conferences, because they aren't willing to pay homage to Arab terrorism nor support policies that would endanger and destroy the State of Israel.

Americans who are upset that Obama is no longer in power should be aware that one of his last acts as POTUS was to send more money, over 200 million dollar$ to his buddy  Mahmoud Abbas, head of the PA-Palestinian Authority. That money, like all the other money that various countries and NGOs donate, does not go to infrastructure, health need etc. Israel covers most of that. It goes to Abbas's cronies, his "retirement fund" and the "pensions" he provides to families of Arab terrorists.
An Investigation: Humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority: Embezzled For Personal Gain
Yes, really. Click on the headline above and read the article, please.

"Her pure body exploded into pieces in the Zionists' faces" - Fatah proud of suicide terrorist who murdered 1 and wounded over 100 (PMW)
And for all of those who still keep on insisting the Abbas's Fatah is "moderate," please sign up for the updates from PMW-Palestine Media Watch and  Israel Resource Review.

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