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Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Will Really Happen if USA Moves Embassy to Jerusalem?


I truly believe that if the United States quickly facilitates the move of its embassy to Israel's Capital City, Jerusalem, then other countries will follow suit.

Current location of the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv, Flash 90, Arutz 7

The logistics of dealing with the Israeli Government offices, officials etc., which are located in Jerusalem, from Tel Aviv and its suburbs requires a rather long commute, at least by Israeli standards.

And for years I've been saying that the State of Israel should move all of its embassies to cities/locations other than country capitals as the most suitable response to the insult of the international boycott of Jerusalem.

But of course, we don't know if Donald Trump will really pull off the move the way many of his supporters hope and pray. Let's see what happens.


Dan Kelso said...

Best article on all of Jerusalem belonging to Israel.
One Nation's Capital Forever
The detailed story of Jerusalem and our right to it. Just the facts.
By Eli E. Hertz

Batya said...


Shiloh said...

See an article from Debka.com Don't be so confident yet, this too is probably a charade. You are aware of the 72 Nations meeting in Paris as we speak to give the Fakestinians a state which may be presented to the UN security council later this week before the Obama leaves office.

Batya said...

I'm too experienced in the things to be "confident."