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a GUEST POST by Mr. Cohen – quotes listed in time order
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Reform — with rebuke for existing forms inherent in the very word —
was by its nature incompatible with traditional Sephardic orthodoxy. 

Reform, an attempt to bring Judaism “up to date,” to make Judaism appear
to be at home with existing American religious patterns, was attacked
by traditionalists as a subversive attempt to “Christianize” Judaism. 

Under Reform, women would come down from their secluded balconies
in synagogues, and worship side by side with their husbands. 
Men would take off their tall silk hats.

[Reform] synagogues would look more like churches.
English would replace Hebrew.         

SOURCE: The Grandees: the Story of America's Sephardic Elite
(chapter 14, page 192) by Stephen Birmingham, year 1971,
First Lyons Press paperback edition, ISBN: 9781493024681 ISBN: 149302468X
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“…it [Reform Temple Emanu-El, in year 1868 CE]
represented — on a national scale — a triumph for the
Reform movement, which the Sephardim had so long opposed.”

SOURCE: The Grandees: the Story of America's Sephardic Elite
(chapter 18, page 253) by Stephen Birmingham, year 1971,
First Lyons Press paperback edition, ISBN: 9781493024681 ISBN: 149302468X
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“While Reform Judaism was remaking the pattern
of Jewish life, threatening to topple the traditional
orthodoxy, these [Sephardic] Jews knew nothing of it.”

SOURCE: The Grandees: the Story of America's Sephardic Elite
(chapter 21, page 273) by Stephen Birmingham, year 1971,
First Lyons Press paperback edition, ISBN: 9781493024681 ISBN: 149302468X
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“…the insistence of the Sephardim on retaining
the Orthodox form of worship — against the trend
toward modernization and Americanization that
has been marked among Jewry all over the country …”

SOURCE: The Grandees: the Story of America's Sephardic Elite
(chapter 22, page 284) by Stephen Birmingham, year 1971,
First Lyons Press paperback edition, ISBN: 9781493024681 ISBN: 149302468X
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“To this day there is no Sephardic synagogue
which is not strictly Orthodox.
Although not all Sephardic Jews are personally Orthodox,
Orthodoxy has remained the official Sephardic tradition. 
Nowhere in the entire Sephardic world has
Reform or Conservative Judaism penetrated.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews (chapter 3, page 99)
by Joachim Prinz, year 1973, Random House,
ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857
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“Enlightenment brought major changes to the Sephardic community too,
but Reform never presented a serious challenge to the established
Orthodox rabbinate, and the vast majority of [Sephardic] lay people,
even those who grew lax in their Halachic observance, remained
attached to the traditional [Orthodox] rituals in the synagogue and the home.”

SOURCE: Piety and Power (chapter 1, page 7)
by David Landau, year 1993 CE, publisher: Hill and Wang,
ISBN 10: 0809076055 ISBN 13: 9780809076055

MICROBIOGRAPHY: David Landau was News Editor
of HaAretz, Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post
and Israel Bureau Chief for the Jewish Telegraphic agency.
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“The Reform leaders did not rest on their laurels,
and continued agitating until they had obtained a
foothold in virtually every single kehillah in New York.

Out of 100 shuls that had been established in the early 1800s,
only a pitiful ten percent, ten shuls in all, remained Frum [Orthodox].

Three or four of the ten [synagogues that remained
Orthodox in New York] were Sephardic shuls,
and the rest were Ashkenazi shuls that had heroically
managed to withstand the pressure of the Reform movement.”

SOURCE: The Rav HaKolel and His Generation 5th Edition
(chapter 7, page 53) by Rabbi Yonah Landau, year 2014 CE,
68 Lee Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
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"…We do declare that: 

We affirm the eternality of our holy Torah, the Jewish nation,
and the Holy Land of Israel.

We affirm that our Judaism is solely determined by
the teachings of our Holy Torah, both written and oral,
as passed down through the generations, all the way to Sinai. 

Movements such as Conservative and Reform are foreign
to our Torah tradition, and their executions of halachic rites
such as: marriage, divorce, and conversion will NOT be recognized."

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“There are no Conservative or Reform congregations
affiliated with the Syrian community.”

SOURCE: November 2017 quote from:
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Ashley Perry (Perez) of Jewish News Syndicate said:

“The terms Conservative, Reform, Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox
were never part of the Sephardi lexicon. Our synagogues and
communities have not been divided by their theology or level of observance.”

SOURCE: Give Sephardi Voices a Seat at the Global Jewish Table
by Ashley Perry (Perez) of Jewish News Syndicate (JNS dot org)  2018/1/31

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Rabbi Jeremy Rosen said:

“There was no Reform movement in the Sephardi world, which
explains the dissonance in Israel between Israeli Judaism and American.”

SOURCE: Jewish Intolerance and Sephardim
by Jeremy Rosen, 2018 May 11

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Rabbi Ken Spiro, a historian and a licensed tour guide from
the Israel Ministry of Tourism…explains that the major difference
between Israel and the Diaspora is that in the Jewish state, there
is a large population of Sephardim (Jews from the Arab world)
who are generally more traditional and historically have had
no exposure to Reform or Conservatism Judaism—movements
that originated in Western European—as well as American
Ashkenazi Jewish communities of the 19th and early 20th centuries.”
SOURCE: Why Israelis aren’t as worked up about the
Western Wall as Diaspora Jews by Josh Hasten, 2018 August 1
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Liam Hoare (freelance writer based in the United Kingdom) said:
“On top of that, Reform and Conservative Judaism were never
present in Sephardi Jewish communities in the Muslim world…”
SOURCE: Reform and Conservative Judaism Have Failed
in Israel and It’s Their Own Fault by Liam Hoare,
March 2015, Issue 24 of The Tower Magazine

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Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. The reform movement started in Germany and took over western Europe and overook the U.S., where the Jews felt free enough to assimilate and throw off the yoke of Heaven. The Sephardim, B'H, didn't even know of this madness until much later and rejected it. The audacity of changing H's Holy Torah was/is unthinkable.

Many of the Sephardim are not even religious (usually traditional) but most would never contemplate this blasphemy. Praying that will always be and mostly, that the reform movement will undo themselves and their members will do teshuvah.

Mr. Cohen said...

For many years I knew that Sephardic Jews
rejected Reform Judaism. But there is a
difference between knowing something and
being able to prove that it is true.
These quotes prove that it is true.