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Sunday, April 8, 2018


If Nehemiah Were Alive Today
(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)

Nehemiah was one of the greatest leaders in Jewish History,
and the proof is that an entire book of the Jewish Bible
was named after him – a claim very few people can make.

Nehemiah, chapter 10, verses 30 to 32, shows the Jewish people
accepting an oath, which was reinforced by a curse, to practice
the entire Torah of Moses, especially the prohibition against
intermarriage with non-Jews, and especially the prohibition
against desecrating Shabbat by using it as a shopping day,
and especially the prohibition against desecrating the
Sabbatical year [with farming activities during that year].

Nehemiah, chapter 13, verse 17, shows Nehemiah striving
against the prominent men of Judah, because they desecrated
Shabbat, which Nehemiah described as “an evil deed”.

The next verse, verse 18, shows Nehemiah saying that
desecrating Shabbat in the past has already resulted in
Divine punishment against Jews, and desecrating Shabbat
in the future will result in additional Divine anger against Jews.

The next verse, verse 19, shows Nehemiah closing the
gates of Jerusalem during the entire Shabbat, to prevent
the desecration of Shabbat by using it as a shopping day.

Nehemiah, chapter 13, verse 24, shows Nehemiah
noticing that Jews have intermarried.

The next verse, verse 25, shows Nehemiah arguing against
Jews who intermarried with non-Jews, and cursing them,
and hitting them, and pulling their hair out, and forcing
them to swear a sacred oath to not intermarry with non-Jews.

Two verses later, verse 27 shows Nehemiah describing
intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews as
a “great evil” [ra’ah gedolah] and a “sin against GYD”.

Nehemiah’s actions against intermarried Jews were never
criticized by any Jewish prophet, even though prophets
were still active in his time; and were never criticized by
any Rabbi of: the Mishnah, or the Talmud or the Midrash.

In our times, the ONLY Jews who totally oppose intermarriage
with non-Jews like Nehemiah did, and also obey Shabbat and
the Sabbatical Year like Nehemiah taught, are the Orthodox Jews.  
Therefore, if Nehemiah were alive today, he would be Orthodox!
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