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Saturday, April 28, 2018

What do You Think?

Seen on  Power Line.


Mr. Cohen said...

Representatives of the political Far Left
rarely attempt to refute my blog comments,
because they know they cannot win with logic.

Instead, their preferred tactics are dirty
tricks like attempting to discredit me
by claiming that I am a racist or hater.
When this false claim is repeated often,
it eventually has its intended effect.

Reform Jews ally themselves with the anti-Israel
Far-Left and the anti-Israel Intersectionality
Movement, so it is correct to publicize these
short blog articles that expose Reform Judaism:

Rambam Refutes Reform Judaism:


Why Barak Hullman left Reform Judaism and became Orthodox:


How a Reform Rabbi Became Orthodox (true story):


Reform Judaism vs. Real Judaism:


Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:


How Reform Jews CHEATED on the Pew survey:


Quick quote from Famous Jewish
mega-donor about Jewish Continuity


Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch vs Reform Judaism:


Last but not least, the Reform Jews strongly
opposed efforts to save European Jews from
the Holocaust during World War II.

Those rescue efforts were led by Orthodox Jews,
who the Reform Jews considered to be obsolete
and an embarrassment. The Reform Jews got what
they wanted: the rescue efforts failed.

Batya Medad said...

American Left kept accusing anyone who disagreed or didn't support Obama as racists, while the only politician who couldn't stop referring to his color was Hilary Clinton.