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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Gazan Arab Terrorists Aimed to be Killed By Israel

The organizers of Friday's riot attack on Israel planned that no matter what the result it would be bad for the image/survival/security of the State of Israel and the IDF.

Israel is constantly being attacked both by words and weapons for surviving. In June, 1967, after weeks of threats by Egypt's Nasser and his allies, the State of Israel had no choice other than wipe out his air force before our enemies could take the first shot. Only eighteen years after the ceasefire which ended the Israeli War of Independence the surrounding countries, Egypt, Jordan and Syria had joined forces to destroy the State of Israel. 

Remember that Israel's Independence wasn't planned as a war. The League of Nations had mandated/ordered/instructed/assigned Great Britain to facilitate/mentor/assist the Jewish Zionists in establishing a state in what was labeled as "Palestine" in most maps. Britain sabotaged this by inventing new Arab countries to fill most of that land. First they imported the Hashemite Tribe and declared them the monarchy of Jordan in Transjordan, the eastern bank of the Jordan River. Following this, they tried to encourage the nomadic Arabs and the Arabs who were moving to the remaining western bank to fight the Jews and compete with them. The Arabs were then named "Palestinians." Here we are almost a century later, and Britain has been joined/replaced by most of the world in this quest. They do everything possible to undermine the State of Israel. Last Friday's Arab terror riots on Israel's southern border were just a continuation of their campaign to rid the Middle East of Jews and destroy the State of Israel. 

And of course, the State of Israel is being condemned for self-defense.

To paraphrase a line in this song from The Man of La Mancha:
"Whether the stone hits the pitcher
or the pitcher hits the stone
it's going to be bad for the pitcher"

"Whether the Arab terrorists attack Israel
or Israel defends itself against Arab terror and/or incitement
it's going to be bad for the State of Israel"


Neshama said...

So very very true!
PS Many moons ago, I used to love Man from LaMancha, orig soundtrack, and played often.

Mr. Cohen said...

In the 1980s, a Rabbi from Brooklyn who
moved to Israel said many times that:

the world always hates Jews and Israel,
regardless of what Jews and do,
so Jews should do what they need to do
to survive, without paying too much
attention to what the world says.

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Batya said...

Neshama, glad you liked my "illustration."
Mr. Cohen, yes