Monday, April 9, 2018

Assad Murders Syrians, Can it Be Stopped?

While the Syrian terrorist dictator Assad continues his murderous rampage, using chemical weapons plus against Syrians, anti-Israel countries conspire to condemn Israel for self-defense.

The pictures coming out of Syria are awful and make it clear that Assad is targeting civilians.

There are reports of  Syrian bases being bombed, but nobody knows who's doing it for sure. I have this picture in my mind of some mysterious cartoon character swooping in to "save the day."

My innate pragmatism makes me very pessimistic. That's because the western so-called developed world is being taken over by Moslems. That's because Christian society, even the Catholic countries are just not reproducing. Their birthrate is in the negative, especially among the academics, but even in "blue collar" social/economic circles. This means a serious lack of workers, and also not enough young people to pay into the governmental pension systems, like American Social Security.

That's why Europe and the United States are easing their immigration laws and encouraging even illegal migrants to remain. Somebody has to work. But the question is whether these newcomers, mostly Muslim, will assimilate into the existing culture and value system, or will they change society into their own.

Any objective social observer with a knowledge of history should be very worried.


Mr. Cohen said...

The government of Syria targeted its own
civilians in the early 1980s, and nobody
cared then either.

The New York Times printed a 2 inch by
2 inch article about it on page 88,
where few people would see it.

At the same time, Israel's most minor
actions made headlines of the NYT.

The Jews of Syria were severely oppressed
by the Muslim majority in Syria
for 35 consecutive generations.

For several decades, Syria was a haven
for convicted Nazi war criminals
and the international headquarters
for the boycott against Israel.

These facts are unknown to most people,
including the majority of Jews, and they
are NEVER metioned in the news media.

If Daniel Were Alive Today:

If Isaiah Were Alive Today:

If Ezekiel Were Alive Today:

If Jeremiah Were Alive Today:

If Ezra Were Alive Today:

If Nehemiah Were Alive Today:

Batya said...

Yes, awful. Isn't it?