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GUEST POST: Analyzing Hitler

Analyzing Hitler
(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)
According to one author, Adolph Hitler and his Nazi followers
seemed to have an amazing willingness to believe outlandish
myths and very dubious theories. Even more amazing was their
willingness to act, based on those outlandish myths and theories.
Some examples:
{1} “In the Nazi period, there was an idea, derived from ancient
underworld myths, that various things might be buried deep
within the Earth, such as: kingdoms, planets, phantom universes,
super humans, or aliens. Some of Hitler’s top advisors—and
possibly the man himself—believed that the Earth was hollow.

The [Nazi] military launched various expeditions in an attempt
to confirm the notion and acquire the strategic advantage this
knowledge would entail. There are further theories surrounding
the annual expeditions to Tibet between 1926 and 1943,
claiming that the German mission was to find and maintain
contact with their Aryan forefathers in Shambhala and Agharti,
cities which supposedly existed beneath the Himalayas.”
{2} “Hitler presumed that the [Holy] Grail would confer immortality
on all Aryans, and he gave credence to the idea that the Christians
had stolen the artifact from ancient pagans. He maintained that
the Grail should be restored to its rightful place in Germany. 

Himmler designated [Otto] Rahn to search for the object.
He traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and Iran,
but by the end of the war, the artifact still eluded him,
and he was forced to commit suicide.”
{3} “The Holy Lance, or Spear of Destiny, is said to be
the lance that pierced J____’s side as he hung on the cross. 

Hitler reportedly first saw the lance in [year] 1908,
and from that moment on he did everything he could
to get his hands on it. Once owned by Roman Emperor
Constantine the Great and more than 40 other great men,
emperors and leaders managed to possess it at one point
or another, including Frederick the Great.

In 1938, as Hitler oversaw the annexation of Austria,
he transferred the lance to Nuremberg.”
{4} “The Nazis claimed that Hitler’s rise to power
had been predicted by Nostradamus.”
{5} “Hitler also reportedly believed in the mystical
cosmology of Hanns Hörbiger” (born 1860, died 1931). 

Hanns Hörbiger and his Welteislehre ("World Ice") Theory
claimed that “various moons and other stellar bodies once
circled our world, gradually falling and dying as time went on.

The last moon that fell caused the Great Flood and the ruin
of Atlantis, the supposed homeland of the Aryans.”
SOURCE: This essay was based on:
Top 10 Myths Involving the Nazis
by Hestie Barnard Gerber, pages 223 to 226, from:'s epic book of (mind-boggling) top 10 lists:
by Jamie Frater, Ulysses Press, Berkeley, California, year 2014,
ISBN   9781612432977 ISBN 1612432972
CONCLUSION: Adolph Hitler and his Nazi followers
were amazingly willing to believe outlandish myths,
and base their actions on those unproven myths.
This may help to explain why they chose to believe
outlandish accusations against Jews, and base
their actions on those outlandish accusations.

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