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GUEST POST: If Jeremiah Were Alive Today

If Jeremiah Were Alive Today
(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)

Jeremiah was one of the greatest prophets in Jewish History,
and the proof is that an entire book of the Jewish Bible
was named after him – a claim very few people can make.

The Biblical Book of Jeremiah reveals details
about Jeremiah’s religious teachings:

Jeremiah, chapter 17, verse 4, teaches the importance of
the year-of-release, which is called the Sabbatical Year
in English, and the shmittah year in Hebrew.
This means that Jewish farmers who live in the land of
Israel must allow their farm-lands to rest every 7th year.
NOTE: Rashi’s commentary on this verse makes this clearer.

Jeremiah, chapter 17, verses 19 to 27, teaches the importance
of observing Shabbat, including the prohibition against
carrying burdens on Shabbat (verses 21, 22, 24, 27).
NOTE: Exceptions to this law are beyond the scope of this short essay.

Jeremiah taught that if Jews would observe Shabbat,
then Jerusalem would be theirs forever (verses 24 to 26);
but if not, then Jerusalem will be taken away from them
(verse 27). Maybe the real reason why many people and
many governments want to take Jerusalem away from the
Jews is because very many Jews today do not observe Shabbat.

In our times, we have a special name for Jews who want
the Sabbatical Year to be observed, like Jeremiah taught;
and also loyally observe the prohibition against carrying
burdens on Shabbat, like Jeremiah taught; they are called:
Orthodox Jews.

The organization that actively promotes observance of the
Sabbatical Year is staffed and funded exclusively by Orthodox Jews.

The overwhelming majority of non-Orthodox Jews abandoned
Shabbat-observance more than 100 years ago.  99.9% of Jews
alive today who observe Shabbat are Orthodox, even though
Orthodox Jews are less than 20% of the world’s Jewish population.

Therefore, if Jeremiah were alive today, he would probably
be categorized as an Orthodox Jew!

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