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Monday, March 12, 2018

Haredi Anti-Army/Draft Riots

I have absolutely no tolerance nor understanding for any anti-draft/IDF actions/riots etc here in Israel or any place else. The State of Israel is under constant threat and periodic attacks. From the Jewish point of view, that makes serving in the IDF a great mitzvah, Torah commandment, because it saves lives.

Prior to the Israeli Declaration of Independence, while we found ourselves defending ourselves against the Arabs and British, the "underground" forces, Haganah, Palmach, Etzel and Lechi had a complete cross-section of volunteers of all types of Jews in the Land of Israel. That included secular, traditional, religious and hareidi. 

In the early days of the State of Israel, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion made an agreement with the hareidim that they could get a deferment for full-time yeshiva students and religious women. The yeshiva students were expected to support the state by their prayers and learning. Of course, many of us believe that Ben-Gurion was "generous" in granting a deferment, because he wanted to isolate the then small number of hareidim from the rest of the population. He didn't want religious interference or influence in the IDF.

While there has been great improvement and changes in the IDF for strictly religious soldiers, certain  hareidi factions have become dangerously and violently more intolerant of the army and soldiers. Jerusalem has been plagued by frequent violent anti-draft riots. Last week, I found myself waiting for buses that couldn't come to the stop, because they had been rerouted. There was no notification. Public transportation and many main thoroughfares were closed or rerouted when possible.

Ordinary citizens, young and old, religious and secular have suffered physically due to travel difficulties. This is all because young, fit hareidi men are wasting their energy rioting, rather than serving the Jewish People, rather than doing mitzvot, Torah Commandments.

They claim that their time in the Batei Midrash, Study halls are too precious to waste in the IDF, but they have lots of time to riot, attack the police and endanger the health and welfare of innocent Jews. There is absolutely nothing to support their behavior in the Torah.

Senior citizens touring the Underground Museum, Russian Compound, where Jewish fighters were held prisoners  by the British Mandate before the establishment of the State of Israel.


Neshama said...

If only, the iIDF was not anti Haredi - anti religion and HKB”H
If only, they wouldn’t force religious girls to serve with men
If only, they held closer to the halachic basis for war and training
If only, there were no suicides in the army
If only, the leftists didn’t use the IDF to secularism the religious
If only, . . . King David’s Soldiers

Batya said...

You swallowed the koolaid. The army doesn't force girls into those jobs. Their are religious all male units. And if the chareidim want deferments they just have to apply.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally with Neshama and don't believe she swallowed the koolaid. Even the idea of allowing girls who really want to join in the 'combat' units, is totally Wrong! There have been cases (from the news) where chareidim found that their kitchens in the IDF were tampered with and made unkosher. Even if these incidents are not the majority, very understandable how the leaders in the chareidi communities are very wary having their youth in an atmosphere where little by little secularism takes over.
Also, it's known that the military does Not need more soldiers. In this very technological era, they have more than enough manpower; the real reason is undermining the ultra orthodox (chareidi) community in Eretz Yisrael.
Where I agree is the violent unorthodox reactions by many in that community. I am definitely not a chareidi but they have a valid point which is not being taken into consideration by the army and the secular population.
Think about transgenderism, men and women in a tank together, combat for women, etc., and how it's been proven by the medical establishment in Israel how detrimental it is for women soldiers to take part in the harsh exercises, etc. Common sense is what is really needed here.

Batya said...

You admit that the women volunteer. They aren't forced. Fact is that religious life is better and stronger n the army than ever before. Make it better by having more religious in the army. They can even be in the army rabanut and supervise the kitchens.
Join, don't criticize from the outside.

Anonymous said...

I ain't Jewish..

But i love most of them (the Jewish people) , after all, they are supposed to be a Light to the Nations!
Many are... many not so... they put ones like me down... and geez... sorry getting off the topic i am.. let me go back to the topic..

Batya, what you say.. makes sense... even to me... I commend the IDF... and admire them.

Thumbs up to you Batya..
Thumbs up to the IDF..

and were i younger... no really young.. i would join the IDF... as noahide...

Am Israel Chai.

Mr. Cohen said...

Anyone who attacks any IDF soldier –
even Jews – should be expelled from
Israel, PERMANENTLY, after
they serve time in jail.

If I were in power in Israel, all
members of Charedi movements
that are known to be fanatically
anti-Zionist or anti-IDF would be
expelled from Israel, PERMANENTLY,
and sent to live in Eastern Europe,
where then can visit the graves
of great Rabbis, which to them
is more important than building
Eretz Yisrael.

Last but not least, from now on,
there must be no more Arabs working
in Israeli hospitals, not even as janitors.

Why Pray for Tzahal-IDF:


How to Pray for Tzahal-IDF:


How Torah Can Defeat Terrorism:


Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:


Remembering Rabbi Zevulun Leiberman ZTL:


Cohen Y said...

Both sides are ridiculous

If a religious male want to rise in the ranks
He must serve in coed units

So Who is swallowing what??

Cohen Y said...


Batya said...

To improve the IDF join

Anonymous said...

A word was left out, an important word, 'NOt' is the word, meaning definitely NOT in agreement with the disgusting violence committed by so-called chareidi Jews, because if one is really chareidi (ultra religious) one does NOT behave in such a disgraceful manner and especially towards the innocent soldiers who give their life and limb, c'v, for our people and our Land. But, being against the leadership of the military who are implementing non-Jewish behavior of women and women together, and all the new immorality which is prevalent today, etc., is good reason for upsetting the Torah world who cannot allow their children to be subject to such anti-Torah ways. There was a time when the IDF was not this way, not to such a degree. We all have to admit to that. We need to pray that they change their ways and return to becoming a Jewish army! Then there should be no reason where a young Jewish man resists going into the military.

Batya said...