Sunday, March 25, 2018

GUEST POST: If Daniel Were Alive Today

If Daniel Were Alive Today
(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)

Daniel was one of the greatest heroes of the Jewish Bible,
and the proof is that an entire book of the Jewish Bible
was named after him – a claim that very few people can make.

The Biblical Book of Daniel reveals a few details about
Daniel’s religious practices:

The first chapter of the Book of Daniel reveals Daniel refused
to eat foods that were forbidden by the laws of the Torah. 
In modern language, Daniel only ate foods that were kosher.

In chapter 1, verse 8, Daniel refused to “contaminate” himself by
eating foods from the table of the Babylonian King – even though
kings ate the highest-quality foods, and even though those foods
were being given to him for free (as indicated in chapter 1, verse 5).

In chapter 6, verse 11, we learn that Daniel prayed to GYD,
three times daily, every day.

In our times, we have a special name for Jews who refuse to
eat non-kosher foods, like Daniel did, and also pray three times
every day, like Daniel did; they are called: Orthodox Jews.

The overwhelming majority of non-Orthodox Jews abandoned
eating only-kosher foods and praying three times every day
[or even one time every day] more than 60 years ago.

Therefore, if Daniel were alive today, he would probably
be categorized as an Orthodox Jew!

An additional reason why Orthodox Judaism would seem
familiar to Daniel, if he were alive today, is found in
Daniel chapter 9, which reveals a transcript of Daniel’s prayer.
Phrases from Daniel’s prayer are still recited by Orthodox
Jews today, or are very similar to prayers still recited by
Orthodox Jews today, especially: chapter 9 verse 5;
chapter 9 verse 7; chapter 9 verse 9; and chapter 9 verse 19.

Maybe Orthodox Jews should be known as Daniel Jews!

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Anonymous said...

Why just single out Daniel, the Prophet? All our holy prophets and heroes of the Torah were just that; 'holy' and the most G-D fearing people. Today, we are living in the most unholy era where so much of humanity has forsaken belief in our Creator and worst of all, the Jewish people, who were given the task of enlightening the world with the knowledge and truth of Hashem. R'l, atheism is now being promoted in the schools from the very young to the universities. We pray for Moshiach's coming to set things straight.
Mr. Cohen should be greatly commended for promoting Yiddishkeit to those Jews who still do not understand the reason for their being.

Mr. Cohen said...

Anonymous said:

"Why just single out Daniel, the Prophet?"

Mr. Cohen explains:

Because that is where I chose to start,
for the sake of simplicity.

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.


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