Saturday, March 3, 2018

3 1/2 Weeks to Pesach

It seems like Passover is always on my mind. I look at my house and can't imagine how I'm going to get it ready. OK, yes, I certainly know the drill. Not every room really needs to be considering as harboring hidden chametz. We don't eat chametz all over the house. But since my house is a real mess, I do need to clean up, at least once a year.

Here's the freezer. We are trying to empty it. We ate some defrosted rolls for our Shushan Purim Seudah, festive meal. I gave my daughter all the flour a couple of weeks ago. She bakes; I don't. I wonder what treasures I will find while trying to empty it.

It may sound funny to hear this, but truth is that getting the kitchen ready for Passover is easier than cleaning the rest of the house. We have too much unnecessary unused junk including books. I'm in charge of the kitchen, and I've been getting rid of things, old useless pots, a bunch of my books and cd's. One of my children had needed tablecloths, so I gave him a nice supply. It's shocking how many I don't use at all. 

Anyone who wants any of the books here can just take them. I've gotten rid of quite a few. In the process of going over them I found old family recipes my kids had been hoping to discover. So I sent over all the files.

I've been having trouble with my hip, so I won't be able to do the usual cleaning in the other rooms. But I'll try to throw more things out, Gd willing. In a sense, that's what chametz is. The increase in possessions we have but don't need is very much like how yeast makes the dough rise. We shouldn't be slaves to our possessions. We need to unshackle ourselves and be free.


Mr. Cohen said...

This past Shabbat, when I visited
friends for the daytime meal, I suggested
that we all review just one mishnah
from tractate Pesachim – as a
preparation for Passover, and also to
elevate the spirituality of the meal.

We reviewed the 10th chapter, first
paragraph. It was quick, easy, and
pleasant, and it was a mitzvah.

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Batya said...

Good idea.