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Monday, March 26, 2018

Bolton, Groan, Keep Him Out of Israel

I know that many people on the Right here in Israel are happy that Ambassador John Bolton was appointed National Security Advisor by US President Donald Trump, but I'm not. Less than a year ago I heard Bolton speak, and I was even less than unimpressed.
Ambassador Bolton’s “3 State” Peace Proposal, Nonsensical
Ambassador Bolton addressing the Ingeborg Rennert Center's Guardian of Zion Award dinner, May, 2017

In all honesty, Bolton's grasp of the situation here in Israel vis-à-vis our Arab enemies showed real ignorance and as much unrealistic dreaming as the Loony Left.

Let me make it clear that there is chance of true Peace until the Arabs want it, and that seems very far away. When I say "far away," I mean a century or more. Redrawing borders or inventing new countries will not "solve the problem" or pacify the Arab terrorists.

Israel's problem/enemy is with terrorists, terrorist culture and mentality. Arabs, with the full support of the United Nations, European Union and innumerable NGOs, are still educating their youth to idealize terror, murder and death. And this isn't only here in the Middle East. Look at what has been happening in other countries, like France.

To be honest, I'm not at all optimistic.

Good Luck World!


Mr. Cohen said...

So-called “peace-makers” seem to NEVER include
Koran-inspired anti-Semitism into their analysis
of the Middle East. Nor do they seem to ever
consider that the Arab world absorbed huge
amounts of anti-Jewish propaganda from the Nazis,
which has never been purged from them.

So-called “peace-makers” seem to NEVER seem
to realize that Israel’s conflicts with its
neighbors are NOT ABOUT LAND.

So-called “peace-makers” should get the
true facts about: Israel, Muslims, Europeans
and Palestinians by listening to videos
by Mr. Patrick Condell, who has no Jewish
ancestors and no religion that might cause
him to favor Jews:









Batya said...


Anonymous said...

Vet zei gurnisht helfen. H' is running the show! This is His Land and he gave it to the children of Yisrael and that's how it has to be. If one truly believes with emunah shleimah in H' and His Torah, we know the answer! There never would have been any question or troubles if we would have immediately proclaimed the truth to the world, but since we went against H's commands, the challenges and price we pay is, r'l, very high. But we are still not at the end of the story, which will yet turn out very, very good, as promised by our Father in Heaven. May it be now with the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu!

LondonMale said...

I like that John Bolton stands up for Israel.

But giving the land to Jordan and Egypt will lead to increased instability in those countries at this point.

I do think though that Israeli Arabs from all Eretz Yisrael must either be full responsible citizens of Israel, or emmigrate amongst all the other Arab countries which are more stable.

Batya said...

a, it's not that simple. Humans have free will. We are not Gd's puppets.

London Male, yes, interesting points and ideas.