Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Honestly, Israel Doesn't Need America to Survive

I have problems with the whole concept that "We need to know America has our back," Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.

Israel's greatest victories were when there was no interference/support by any foreign country, even the United States of America. The Israeli War of Independence when we had to defend ourselves against British backed Arab troops/armies and the 1967 Six Days War when Soviet backed Arab armies, tacitly supported by the United Nations and innumerable foreign countries were miraculous victories. All logic and military experts had the State of Israel written off as defeated. We had no human or diplomatic allies.

Prayers went to Gd, and Gd wanted us to win. If we depend on humans, we may lose. That is what almost happened in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. The Nixon-Kissinger agenda was to make the USA the real power in the Middle East. It's only thanks to Gd and Jewish People that they failed.

The best response of the State of Israel to supporters like Trump and Pence is a simple "thank you for doing what is right in the eyes of Gd."


Mr. Cohen said...

IF all Jews would eat only kosher foods,
and always correctly-observe all Jewish holidays,
and practice pure honesty in their words
and business affairs, and pray correctly every day,
and study Torah diligently every day,
and never speak forbidden word,
and obey ALL of the laws of the Torah,
THEN we would not need America.

But since Israel is the homosexual-capital
of the entire Middle East, we need America.

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Batya said...

With all the perversion and antisemitism in the states it can't save itself. It certainly won't save Israel.