Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blog Hopping, Pre-Passover Roundup

If you need a break, why not visit a few blogs. I'm just listing a bunch of post titles. Read, comment and share. They are also Kosher for Passover. Enjoy!

The Narrative
We Were Not Illegal Migrants in Egypt!
Conversations you overhear in Israel (Forest Rain)
Jimmy Carter, The Peanut Calling the Kettle Black
The Hurva Synagogue
The Oscar Nominated Film about the Four Sons at the Seder
Which Paschal Sacrifice Ceremony You Attending?
37 Hours
Jerusalem Big Blue Lions Win Second Championship in a Row 2018
Should You Be Juggling More…or Less?
"For the Redemption of Zion"
Here's How to EmPOWer Your Healing Efforts!
Two Years Since My Father Died...

Read, comment and share. What's your favorite? Let me know in the comments, thanks.


Mr. Cohen said...

Midrash Rabbah, Bamidbar,
chapter 3, paragraph 6:

Rabbi Akiva taught:

[G_d] brought them [the Israelites] out of Egypt
only in a month appropriate for leaving:

He did not bring them out in Tamuz
because of the hot and dry weather.

He did not bring them out in Tevet
because of the cold [weather].

He did not bring them out in Tishrei
because of the rains.

He brought them out only in Nisan
because it is good for traveling on the road.

How Torah Can Defeat Terrorism:

If Isaiah Were Alive Today:

If Ezekiel Were Alive Today:

If Daniel Were Alive Today:

Rambam Refutes Reform Judaism:

Batya said...