Thursday, April 26, 2018

Barkat's Jerusalem Maintains Public Squares NOT The WC

Those of you who also read my blog A Jewish Grandmother know that I have a series of posts, Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem, about Jerusalem's public toilets, and recently my letter about their sorry state was in "In Jerusalem." 

Yesterday, although my recent visits to the large loo on floor "0" of the Jerusalem Municipality's Safra Square have been rather unpleasant, it was the most convenient, so I bit the bullet and got off the lightrail to use it. I was hoping that I'd get there soon enough after the infrequent cleaning and stocking, so I wouldn't have to search my bag for tissues while holding my nose.

Before going down the elevator, I just had to admire the new "furnishings" in the square and promised myself time to photograph them afterwards. The stink of old urine hit me as soon as I got out of the elevator in the hallway outside the toilets, but inside it was better, and there was toiletpaper at 5pm. 

Apparently, Mayor Barkat and his staff figure that the pedestrians and skateboarders are more valuable than "pishers." The square looks lovely. What do you think?


Mr. Cohen said...

One of the most frequent complaints of foreigners
who visit New York City is the lack of public bathrooms.

As for me, since childhood I have made a regular
practice of visiting the bathroom before leaving
my residence, because of the lack of public bathrooms.

Additionally, I carry a roll of toilet paper,
from home, with me whenever I travel, even
when I travel hour-long journeys.

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Batya said...

I guess it is worse in other places.