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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Natalie Portman, Typical Leftist Double-Talk

Natalie Portman may be a very talented and successful American actress, who was actually born in Jerusalem, Israel, but that doesn't make her a good Jew or expert in what's best for the State of Israel.

I haven't a clue as to how the Genesis Prize Foundation committee chooses its winners.

Some people obviously have money to burn and look for headline friendly celebrities of their political ilk to accept a couple of million dollars.

I must admit that I'm not on the same political wavelength as those controlling the Genesis Prize, but at least up to now, as far as I can remember, the recipients have all been polite enough to come to Israel to accept the prize. That is until Natalie Portman. Portman has announced that since she refuses to appear at the same ceremony as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, she will not attend the ceremony. So far, she hasn't refused to accept the money. She plans on giving it to groups she approves of. And she doesn't consider her behavior as BDS, though it is.

Portman interprets Israeli history and "Jewish values" as a Leftist. She claims that Israel's establishment was a reaction to the Holocaust, which ignores and denies the well-documented history of the Zionist movement long before Nazism. Zionism, Jewish Nationalism, the right for Jews to have a state in the Historic Jewish Homeland, began in the 19th century.

The Genesis Prize committee should withdraw their prize to Portman, but they won't. If you look at the list of recipients, you'll see that their politics is no further to the Right than Natalie Portman's. The only difference is that the other recipients were more gracious and polite and willing to do anything for the money, even appear on the same stage as Bibi Netanyahu.

Israeli money


Mr. Cohen said...

Hollywood is just one of the major American
institutions that is overwhelmingly dominated
by the political Far-Left or extreme-Left.

Others major American institutions that are
overwhelmingly dominated by the political
Far-Left include: the entire American
educational system, from kindergarten to
middle school to high school to college
to graduate school; the entire American
news media, including newspapers, magazines
and internet news channels; government
offices; non-profit organizations; and
many corporate human resources departments.

It seems difficult to find any significant
American institution that is not dominated by
the rules and values of the political Far-Left.

They alone have the power to decree
what is Politically Correct, or not.

Since their values are very similar
to those of the Soviet Union in 1970,
who really won the Cold War?

Reform Jews ally themselves with the
anti-Israel Far-Left and the anti-Israel
Intersectionality Movement, so it is
correct to publicize these short blog
articles that expose Reform Judaism:

Rambam Refutes Reform Judaism:


Why Barak Hullman left Reform Judaism and became Orthodox:


How a Reform Rabbi Became Orthodox (true story):


Reform Judaism vs. Real Judaism:


Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:


How Reform Jews CHEATED on the Pew survey:


Quick quote from Famous Jewish
mega-donor about Jewish Continuity


Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch vs Reform Judaism:


Last but not least, the Reform Jews
strongly opposed efforts to save
European Jews from the Holocaust
during World War II.

Those rescue efforts were led by
Orthodox Jews, who the Reform Jews
considered to be obsolete and an
embarrassment. The Reform Jews got
what they wanted: the rescue efforts failed.

Batya said...

It seems to be getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. You are both right they are extreme and getting worse. In fact the whole state of Calif. is so far gone and is being led by a far, far leftist governor.
As far as the likes of Portman, she showed her loyalty and love when first, she marries a non Jew; all this looks wonderful for the world when she is famous and known as Israeli-born, showing her Judaism means nothing to her and she is only too happy to disassociate herself from her people and Land. Money, being famous and power makes those who have little Jewish loyalty easily vulnerable to forget who they are.

Mr. Cohen said...

In the Star Wars movies,
Natalie Portman was the wife of
Darth Vader and the mother of
Luke Skywalker.

So does that mean Luke Skywalker
is Jewish, by matrilineal descent?

Master Yoda neatly summarized my
feelings about ex-President Obama,
when he said this to Darth Sidious:

"Your reign is over, and not short enough it was."

Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:


Mr. Cohen said...

Why did Natalie Portman never criticize
ex-President Obama for the infamous
UN Resolution 2334?