Friday, July 14, 2017

Water is Big News, Better than Peace

Here in Israel water is big news. We can't take water for granted, and even a bit of a drought can be deadly. Judaism includes prayers for rain in the correct season, to be a blessing not a curse etc.

Visitors to the Holy Land before Zionism always described a barren desert-like landscape where nothing grew but cemeteries. Even though there were always Jewish communities here in the holy cities, not just Jerusalem but Hebron, Tzfat and Gaza, Jews didn't work the Land. That was one of the two major innovations of the Zionist Movement, Jewish agriculture and envisioning/planning a Jewish State.

Jewish leaders, religious and secular, of the time mocked the Zionists claiming them unrealistic and even heretical. But the last laugh is on them, because today Israel is not only a vibrant, advanced country, but it has used its "brainpower" to solve much of the water problem.  That is why Israeli agricultural industry and exports are legendary.

Nearby vineyards, east of Shiloh

While conventional "peace" with our Arab enemies may be far away, they have just signed a "water treaty" with us. Even our enemies, who are trying to destroy us, know that we are the only ones who have succeeded in making miracles with the very limited natural water resources available.

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