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Friday, March 1, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #17: Bibi, Who's Minding the Store?


Before I get started with this post, I really recommend that you watch listen to Caroline Glick. Here she's exposing important facts/truth about American Politics and some very fishy stuff about American interference in what's happening here in Israel, especially its connections with the Gazan Hamas terrorists and more. Get comfortable and listen, please. 

This morning's bad news, just hours after two innocent Jews were murdered by Arab terrorists a couple of miles from my house, is the shock that convicted Arab terrorists were released from jail. The Jerusalem Post article didn't give a number, but Arutz 7 said "dozens." Of course I have no idea.

What made the biggest impression on me was what was said on the radio that nobody is taking responsibility for the decision, especially Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu. Before the war, scandalous news was that prison directors had been assigning young females to the terrorist wing, and the women were raped. Something definitely stinks in that branch of the prisons, and I'm not talking about the loo.

The decision to release these terrorists is bad enough, but for me the lack of leadership and responsibility from the Prime Minister reminds me of all the stories about how our security forces pooh poohed reports of imminent Gaza Hamas attack, neither raising security, nor consulting with the PM. What's going on? Who's the boss? Something stinks for sure.

Heads should have rolled, as the expression goes. Lots of top "head" people in the defense establishment of Israel should have been fired and replaced with those out of the establishment. Netanyahu has not been acting as a strong leader. That's for sure, and it's very worrying.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's weakness is also apparent with his kowtowing to America's Biden, Blinken and other foreign leaders. 

Israel is all alone. The "advice," or to be more accurate DEMANDS of international leaders and bodies that we treat this war for Israel survival as a sports game. Why haven't we condemned the demands that we protect so-called "innocent" civilians? No doubt that If The WW2 Allies Had Fought Morally, Nazis and Japanese Would have Won... A simple NO! NEVER! would have stopped all the pressure. The "nicer" we are the more the pressure. 

We definitely should have demanded that the International Red Cross take a list of all of our missing and investigate who's alive, dead, injured, ill and missing. Israel should be the one making demands!!! Our Magen David Adom should have demanded to be part of the delegation with full protection. If these things hadn't been done, then we could have been totally justified in condemning the International Red Cross. 

I don't know what's really going on with Bibi, but ever since I heard him, in person, at the International Bloggers Conference in the summer of 2008, I lost my confidence in him. Then he told us that when he returns to the position as Prime Minister, he'd do it as a "centrist," and that's what he has been. Even now in the midst of this dangerous war for Israel's survival, he has sent our IDF soldiers to destroy new Jewish communities, and the army has practiced how to deal with various acts of Jewish terror, as if that's a reasonable possibility. But they weren't prepared for a multi-targeted invasion of southern Israel, which DID HAPPEN!

I don't accept any denials that "Bibi didn't know." Again I ask: Who's the boss?

US President Harry Truman is known to have said: The buck stops here! That's the type of leadership we need ASAP!

What do you think?

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