Hamas War

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #16 Israel's Victory Sabotaged by The USA-- OF COURSE WE SHOULD JUST SAY NO!


Deja Vu!

American interference in Israel's WAR FOR SURVIVAL against Hamas/Gaza is dangerous and deceitful. The USA doesn't want us to win. It wants us to beg and then crumble as the Americans set up an Arab terror state in Israel's historic heartland. 

I find it totally insanely preposterous that the State of Israel thinks that the USA knows more about winning wars than we do. They haven't actually won a war for close to eighty 80 years, and World War Two would have dragged on for many more years -if not longer- if they hadn't dropped the bomb.

The two greatest and most unexpected victories in the twentieth century were Israel's The IDF's, in the 1967 Six Days War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. I'm not exaggerating. And to be honest, Israel almost lost in 1973, because the USA leaders kept lying and misleading Israel. Read Deceit of an Ally and listen to Bruce Brill

During the Yom Kippur War I was a young mother of two living in Jerusalem, and as I listened to the news and read the paper I became convinced that something was wrong. Prime Minister Golda Meir seemed addicted to consulting with America, especially Henry Kissinger who seemed to have too much influence on our -meaning the Israeli- government. I had this awful feeling that Kissinger and Nixon, who had been US President at the time, had envisioned Israel becoming too weak to win and then agree on being a "protectorate" of the USA. Then Kissinger would come to "lead/save" us. 

A couple of decades later I discovered from various sources that my suspicions were pretty close to the truth. America knew about the war well before the first bullet was fired, and they continuously told Israel that they shouldn't go on alert, because the Arabs weren't planning any attack.

Here we are fifty 50 years later, and again it seems obvious that the United States is interfering, trying to sabotage Israel's success in this war for our very survival. Unfortunately in the past half century, we've become more dependent on getting shopping coupons aka "gift cards" tied with noose-like strings for American military equipment. Even some of our own military inventions need parts from the states, which we can't even buy without the American "approval." We must totally wean ourselves from the USA. 

The American State Department has always been against Israel and had recommended to Harry Truman not to vote for Israeli statehood. Truman disagreed and had his ambassador vote "yes" at the United Nations.

More recently, the USA has interfered in Israeli elections by supporting the Leftist parties, and more recently it has been shown that all sorts of foreign money has been supporting the anti-Bibi, anti-judicial reform and get the hostages out NOW movements. Once the USA opened up and stated that they were planning on establishing an Arab country, which they'd call Palestine" in the Heartland of Israel, it became clear that the war was part of the plan. The Americans must have had this planned and knew it could only happen if they weakened Israel first. This is my gut feeling. I can't prove it yet, but it makes sense to me.

The bottom line is that we shouldn't trust America. They speak with "forked tongue" like the bad guys in old cowboy movies.


Anonymous said...

Your "gut feeling" is absolutely correct. You have defined the current situation precisely.
It is a shame and disgrace that we have allowed our beautiful country to become a vassal state to the godless America. Actually we are more like a red-headed stepchild in an abusive relationship.
If there was any previous doubt that the Americans don't have our best interests at heart, it is crystal clear now that they are working against our very survival. The average Israeli is starting to wake up to the reality of our "special relationship" with the US, as precious Jewish lives are being needlessly sacrificed on the altar of imposed American rules and limitations. Where were these "humanitarian" concerns when the US annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, non military targets, Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, the list is almost endless. And the civilian casualties number in the millions. The level of American (and European) hypocrisy and chutzpah is stunning.
The US is disintegrating rapidly and Israel needs to recognize this and finally cut the apron strings that bind us like a noose. To become dependent on an "enemy" for the means to defend our people, land and heritage is simply a recipe for national suicide. We have only ourselves to blame that we let ourselves become dependent on our enemies for survival.


Batya said...

-stingray- thanks, amen