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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Israeli Democracy Defeats Chutzpadik Obama-American Interference

This week's Israeli Elections is a prime example of the antidemocratic hypocrisy of America's President Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters.

A, or the main, plank in the Labor aka Zionist sic Movement allegedly led by Isaac Herzog and Tsipi Livni was that they would repair the shaky relations with the American Government.

Despite the unabashed and amazingly public interference by the White House in the Israeli Elections, the Israeli public made it clear that they aren't for sale.
The Israeli election of 2015 is a crushing defeat for Barack Obama and the appeasers of the left.Despite the dozens of Obama’s Democrat operatives who flooded Israel in the past few months, despite the unprecedented vilification Benjamin Netanyahu has suffered at the hands of the mainstream American and Israeli media (save for Sheldon Adelson’s daily Israel Hayom), despite the leftist alliance with the Joint (Arab) List whose declared goal is to dismantle the Jewish state, and despite the laundered money that Obama’s State Department funneled into the coffers of leftist Israeli political operatives, Netanyahu and Likud won a historic victory. (Seraphic Secret)
I was in the states, mostly New York, during the two weeks before Israeli Elections, yes, during the time of Prime Minister Netanyahu's much heralded speech in congress, and I only heard praise for what he said and what he stands for.

To be honest, I think that Obama's distaste for Bibi and interference actually helped Netanyahu's campaign.
I thank President Obama for helping to propel the Likud to a landslide victory over its main opponent, Labor, which adopted the name Zionist Union for this election. While the notoriously unreliable Israeli polls had Zionist Union and its head, Isaac Herzog, leading Likud by a tally of 24 to 21, in the end ZU remained stable while Likud soared to 30 mandates (Knesset seats), a difference of 43% from the forecasts!
The American president did his utmost to thwart Bibi’s election chances. Most Israelis believe that towards Bibi, Obama has been discourteous and undiplomatic numerous times since his landmark election victory in 2008. But the president outdid himself when he overreacted following Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner’s announcement in February... (Steve Kramer)
Many Israelis and Americans were disgusted.

Israeli Elections 2015

Just to remind you, that the myth of American friendship and support of Israel is no more than a myth.

  • The United States actually opposed the establishment of the Jewish State.
  • Truman had to be pushed by an old friend to override the State Department's opposition in the November 29, 1947, U.N. vote.
  • There was no government aid to Israel until after the 1967 Six Days War.
  • The remarkable, earth-shattering victory in 1967 was Israel's alone, no allies at all.
  • The 1973 Yom Kippur War saw the U.S.A. trying to control both Israel and Egypt into a "draw" to make Israel dependent on America.
  • The so-called American "aid" sic packages are just ways to prop up the American economy and to the detriment of Israel.
  • Don't forget the disproportionate and unprecedented imprisonment of Jonathan Jay Pollard who has been punished more severely than enemy communist spies for giving unauthorized data to an ally, Israel.


Yosef Shomron said...

For many Israeli elections, US-Israeli relations weren't an issue because it was assumed to be "holy" and all heads of major parties here supported this relationship above all other security issues. With President's Obama's hostility towards us and our PM and with greater awareness of the Israeli public - placating the American administration (as advocated by Buji and Tzipi) is now seen in Israel as against our security/national interests.

Batya said...

Yes, thanks, Yosef, good points.