Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kahlon, The Thorn-Kingmaker

Moshe Kahlon. photo credit:
Newly elected, or reelected after a period out of Knesset, Moshe Kahlon is setting himself up to be the "kingmaker." This does not surprise me at all.

Looking at the people who joined Kahalon for his run to the Knesset power in Israel I sensed Leftists, not Centrists and certainly not Rightists.

So, I'm not at all surprised that he's now playing very hard to get, cancelling a crucial meeting with Bibi's team, even after first telling President Ruby Rivlin that he recommends Netanyahu. His words at that time were that the thirty 30 MKs of Likud made it clear that the people want Likud. At no time did he actually say that he personally preferred to see Binyamin Netanyahu in another term as Prime Minister.

Kahlon's campaign focus and promises also had more in common with Lapid, Herzog-Livni and Meretz, not the Likud and not Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home.) Could there be a secret deal by those Leftists a la Oslo?

Simply put:
I don't trust him!
And as I've written before, I sure don't envy Binyamin Netanyahu!!


Unknown said...

This could be a combination of Kahlon and Bibi. Jewish Home keeps warning us that Bibi is going to pull a fast one and make a unity government. Best to continue davening that HaShem will pull the fast one :-).

Batya said...

Yes, the news got worse as the day went on. This is quite a poker game.