Monday, March 30, 2015

U.S. V.P. Joe Biden Admits That Jews are Safest in Israel

Just a couple of months ago, barely, people were condemning Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for telling French Jews to make aliyah,  move to Israel, instead of remaining in France which is being plagued by ever-growing Muslim antisemitism and terrorism. The French Government even tried to talk Netanyahu out of going for the big anti-terror rally which was attended by world leaders (except most notably the Americans.)

The French Government did not want Netanyahu to upstage their attempts to whitewash the dangers to their Jewish population and Jewish visitors. I'm glad that Bibi ignored the French, and I'm also happy that he reminded French Jews that they would be safer, better protected in Israel.

This sort of message is a message that Israel is supposed to broadcast. It sounds very different when given by a foreign leader. When that happens, it's clear that the foreign leader does not want the responsibilities of a Jewish community, nor the benefits. It also shows that the said leader does not consider the Jews to be intrinsically connected to his/her country.

Joe Biden and Bibi Netanyahu
Considering the blatant antipathy of the Barack Obama Government to the State of Israel, it's no real surprise that his Vice President Joe Biden faux pased big-time.
Joe Biden’s Israel stunner: American Jews should let Israel protect them
"No matter how deeply involved you are in the U.S. … there’s only one guarantee ... and that's the state of Israel" ( Biden quoting Golda Meir)
For those who keep insisting that everything is hunky-dory for Jews in the U.S.A. I suggest taking Biden's message into consideration. Remember that his speeches are written in advance and checked for snafus. This is a very clear message from the American Government that Jews are not full-fledged Americans.

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