Monday, March 9, 2015

Friendliness of Ordinary Americans versus U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama

I dress the same whether in Shiloh, Tel Aviv, Phoenix or New York. For those who understand the nuances of hair coverings, the way scarves are ties, their fabric and all, I am so obviously a "dati leumi," national/Right wing patriotic Orthodox Jewish Israeli that it can't be mistaken.

Whether at a large private Purim Megillah reading, Shabbat synagogue services, shopping whatever I wear the same sort of clothes including scarves tied a way I find most comfortable and secure. So far absolutely no other woman is dressed like me in terms of haircovering. But salespeople easily guess where I'm from and are friendly. As neurotic as I am, I have felt no hostility from the mostly Black-American salespeople.

My Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu doesn't get the same friendly greetings from the Obama administration, even though he's far to the Left of me.

It seems that even Obama's supporters don't support his rabidly anti Netanyahu-Likud stance.

What do you think?


Rickismom said...

Whenever in the US I have skso gound peopke vety positive to me.

Batya said...

No doubt they aren't in agreement with Obama

joshua manevitz said...

Baruch Hashem we have such a capable Prime Minister, obviously Hashem put him in the right place at the right time, he is many levels above the others who are trying to kick him out, we desperately need a strong leader, hopefully he will get the gumption to put on a yarmulka on his head, and be an even better example of a Jewish Prime Minister !

Truth Seeker said...

I am non-Jewish and live in America. Roughly 50% here love and support Israel and the other 50% side with Obama. The division in the USA is not just about Israel, but many issues. This is a spiritual war between those who love God and those who do not. Those who love God love Tzyion and the religious Jews of Israel who live by Torah. As for Obama, he is just one tool Hashem is using to purify Israel and the nations. Same with Persia. Time to do teshuvah for all Jews and righteous Gentiles.

Batya said...

Joshua, it's the spiritual that Bibi lacks, though he is still a better leader than those with kippot on their heads. Maybe Bennett will evolve into the best successor. So far there is no better.

TS G-d willing