Saturday, March 21, 2015

Insanity is on Israel's Left, Not Right!

Israeli Leftists are trying to make sense out their electoral loss. Their twin campaign themes of:

  • Anyone but Bibi
  • Obama loves us, not HIM
just didn't convince your ordinary Israeli that the Herzog-Livni combo or even Herzog alone would be better than Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

For liberal Israelis, Netanyahu's win is a reality check
TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israeli liberals woke up after national elections with a demoralizing feeling: Most of the country, in a deep and possibly irreversible way, does not think like they do.
There had been a sense of urgency among moderate Israelis, and even an ounce of hope, that widespread frustration with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's six straight years in office would lead voters to pull Israel away from what they perceive as its rightward march toward international isolation, economic inequality and a dead end for peace with the Palestinians.
But as the results trickled in on Wednesday, they showed Likud with a shocking lead that has all but guaranteed Netanyahu a third consecutive term. Netanyahu called it a victory "against all odds." The liberals' optimism has been replaced with despair — and an infuriating belief that the masses may never understand that logic shows the current path is suicidal.
More Israelis fear Arab terrorists aka the Palestinians sic and don't want U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama dictating Israeli policy. That's why the Likud got more votes.


NormanF said...

I'm not his fan and what he does at times runs at cross-purposes with being the leader of the National Camp.

That said, Israelis appreciate him because he understands how vulnerable Jews are and why the Jewish State must never be taken for granted.

That is a singularly rare quality in an Israeli leader and is what I believe got him re-elected by such a wide margin.

People can criticize his character and his less than dubious political tactics all they want. But Netanyahu knows now is not the time to take risks in a dangerous neighborhood.

The Jewish and Israeli Left are incapable of apprehending this fact. The issue is not about the so called two state solution. No - the real issue is making sure Israel remains a sovereign country that doesn't take orders from others.

Netanyahu refuses to do that and it drives some people crazy. Yet this is exactly how Israel must proceed no matter how much Obama and the rest of the world demand it does what they think is good for it or else.

And we have seen what that else looks like. Moreover, this is not about Israel's Left. This is about the future of Israel and the world. Here the Prime Minister is completely correct. This a fateful time for the Jewish people and their state.

Batya said...

Thanks, Norman, good points.