Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Even Americans Think PM Bibi knows more than Obama

From what I have been reading and hearing, Americans trust Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's judgement more than they trust their president Barack Hussein Obama. PM wannabes Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni are trying to convince the Israeli public that America hates Israel because of Bibi. Now, it seems that the Americans prefer Bibi over Obama.

US President Obama is after deals.

  • A deal with Iran.  
  • A deal between Israel and the Arabs to make another Arab (terror) state.
All these deals and you'd think him a used car salesman.

Obama is a lame duck right now, and it seems like a sizable percentage of Americans want him gone a lot sooner than scheduled.

PS I'm not home at present and do not have much computer access.


Anonymous said...

I'm American and not Jewish. I voted against our muslim President twice and his exit from power cannot happen soon enough.

Sadly Americans are paying for their foolishness. We are watching an unprincipled man driven by his ego plunger our country into debt, squander decades of stability by pandering to our enemies and betraying our long standing allies.

America is polarized and this is not yet apparent to many. Maybe 50% of Americans are godless - they trust Obama and would just as soon see Israel disappear. The rest of us despise Obama and stand with Israel.

Even with the above conditions, most Americans respect Bibi for standing up and making a clear case against Obama's secret deal with Iran. May Israel bless Hashem and may Hashem bless those of us in American who stand with Israel.

Batya said...

G-d willing we will see wisdom fro those in high office