Hamas War

Monday, February 19, 2024

Nothing's New! אין חדש תחת השמש These Old Buttons Say It Best

Who should be edited in over Yitzchak Rabin*? 

I suggest one of the "NOW" leaders. Basically whoever (among Israelis) is pushing a "deal" with the Hamas/Gazans instead of defeating them, until they beg us to stop. 

We must stop begging!!!!!

Israel's demand re: the hostages, most who have been imprisoned by Hamas/Gaza must be LET MY PEOPLE GO, not LET'S MAKE A DEAL. Negotiation, making a deal just makes danger, bad business and, as we saw with the Gilad Shalit fiasco, more kidnapped Israelis. 

*The Oslo disaster is one of the causes of today's Hamas/Gaza war against Israel.


Anonymous said...

Pity.. Pity..Pity..

So sad to see... its just like the leaders are puppets and one pulling the string are........

Well take a guess... I rather not mention..

Batya, ONLY Mashiach will solve the problems of the whole corrupted world.


Batya said...

Gd reacts to our actions.
Nu, you didn't tell me whose face should go over Rabin's.

Anonymous said...

Hello Batya, the face to go over Rabin's face... i think Benny Gantz/ What thinks you??


Batya said...

Is he the symbol of today's appeasement? Not Yair Lapid who isn't even in the so-called "war cabinet."