Hamas War

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Hamas/Gaza War Musings #19: Disgusting Condemnation by Biden and Schumer Expected, Because...Simple Math

Most Israelis are furious about the outrageously chutzpadik words of  US Senator Chuck Schumer, his unabashed interference in internal Israeli politics, which has been given full backing by US President Biden. Prime Minister Netanyahu, among others, are ranting that "we're not a banana republic" and other complaints.

But to be perfectly honest, Bibi's constant consultations with Biden, Blinken and other American officials during this dangerous war for our very survival made us looks weak and dependent. As a long-time Israeli, I felt embarrassed, and I'm not the only one. And worse than embarrassed, I felt endangered and then not surprised, as simple as 1+1=2, when the elected head of a country keeps taking advice from another country, he doesn't look like a strong, competent, sovereign leader, so why should he expect to be treated with respect?

Considering that the USA has never fought a war on its own territory for its very survival against terrorists who rape, decapitate etc, I don't see what expertise they have. And the minute Biden started talking about his plans for establishing "Palestine" sic in Israel after the war, Bibi should have cut off all contact. But that topic is for another war musing.

The truth is that the Democrats don't like Bibi and they never have. The Clintons loved Peres, and Obama couldn't even fake a smile when Bibi was in the same room. Biden has a ready smile, but it's fake. He knows the saying:

"You can get catch more flies with honey than vinegar.."

It makes Biden more dangerous, because people don't expect a knife in the back. And now Bibi got stabbed. 

Biden isn't the first American President to be involved with interfering in Israeli elections. Barack Obama's administration financially supported the "anyone but Bibi" crowd nine years ago. Follow the money... I have no doubt that American money has been supporting all of the anti- Bibi/Likud demonstrations which have plagued Israel for years. They've also been supporting the anti-Judicial Reform movement, even though the present Israeli judicial system goes against every fair proper justice principle American law demands. 

The only American President who has treated Israel with proper respect was Donald Trump, who couldn't/can't understand why American Jews continue to support the Democrats who have always treated Israel so poorly.

It's time for the State of Israel to cut its dependence on the United States. Every "gift" we get has strings attached which are really a noose. We get "shop in America only" shopping coupons. Other countries get actual money to spend wherever. These shopping coupons have weakened Israeli military industries. We could be exporting weapons all over the world. Instead we're begging the USA for more bombs. 

Enough is enough! Let's finally be a fully independent country. That's the only way we'll be safe and win this war. We don't need America! 

In 1967 we had no allies, and we won in six days. I remember it well. That's because Gd helped. Yes, simple math...


Windy Brill said...

One little footnote supporting what you say...
There's a shoe company in Israel, Brill, which is my family name. I contacted the Brill family owners and discovered that we're not related (their family immigrating from Romania and mine from Posen, Germany). But Mr. Shoeman Brill said that his company had supplied the IDF with the army's combat boots ...that is until the US gave Israel the kind of strings-attached aid you're speaking about and subsequently all IDF combat boots are made-in-America and the Brill shoe company lost all that business. So, such US aid not only negatively impacts Israel's military capabilities: it also negatively impacts Israel's economy!

Batya said...

Windy, thanks so much for commenting with this additional information. These awful -bad for Israel- deals have been bothering me for years.
By the way, are you related to Bruce Brill who wrote Deceit of an Ally? https://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/2023/02/book-review-deceit-of-ally-by-bruce.html

Netivotgirl said...

What Mr. Brill wrote about is absolutely disgusting! I believe that probably someone on our end (here in Israel) received money for such a loathsome decision. Talk about anti-Zionism; if I hadn't read that remark Batya, I would not have believed it!!

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, so true. The amount of businesses affected by the "aid" is a lot larger and wider and deeper than just military.