Monday, August 18, 2008

Interviewed on The Radio About Tel Shiloh

Last week, I was interviewed on the radio about my "project" in Tel Shiloh. For about half a year already, I've been encouraging women to visit Tel Shiloh, not as regular tourists, but as spiritual pilgrims.

Shiloh is an ancient site, rich is history. The highlight is when Chana prayed for a son who was to lead the Hebrew Tribes into a Jewish Kingdom. In today's terms, it could be considered a radical change in government system.

Today the Jewish People are in a similar malaise, and we need true leadership. Shiloh is the place to pray for it.

We also pray our private prayers. The next Prayer Gathering will be Sunday, August 31, 9:45am.

Tel Shiloh is open for visitors at all times. For more information call the Tourist Office, 02-994-4019.

There is also the Tabernacle Gallery Coffee Shop, where you can buy snacks and souvenirs. Groups can order meals.

My interview begins at the end of the first hour and continues into the second.

HOUR 1 Listen Now or Download

HOUR 2 Listen Now or Download


YMedad said...

Thanks for agreeing to be on the program I guest hosted.

Batya said...

Thanks for the opportunity.
I listened to the entire show, now that it's up.

I hope it brings more tourists and residents to Shiloh.

frumhouse said...

Fantastic! You are an official celebrity!

Batya said...

Actually, I've been on bigger things than a7, but I'm sure that for my women's prayers at the tel project, a7 is best.