Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Rebranding," Changing Israel's Image

When I went to the Jewish Bloggers Convention, I came prepared, with my crocheting. When I'm bored, I must have something to do. I only did it during one part, the Foreign Ministry's presentation.

Their research shows that ordinary people all over the world think of Israel as a dangerous, unfriendly place. That's why they've come up with promotion ideas like "bimbo on the beach." And now they have all these wishy-washy ideas, slick public relations, but none of them will change matters.

Foreigners think of Israel as dangerous, because Israel keeps asking the UN, US and Europe to defend it. The international force which promised to help after the "second Lebanon war" is considered an accomplishment by the government.

A country which needs foreign military support isn't safe. People aren't stupid. When we act like a strong friendly truly independent country, instead of a bunch of helpless nebichs, we'll be more attractive to the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Yes, right on. The world will only respect us (or finally explicitly come out against us) when we start respecting our roots and the bible we are supposed to represent.

Baruch Hashem, you didn't post a link to the bimbos on the beach Tourism Ministry campaign or the tie-in of the embassy in the US and some young men's magazine.

Batya said...

I posted more about it on my Arutz 7 blog, Eye of the Storm. Please check out that post, too.

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