Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Question!

Will Avi Ro'eh fulfill his campaign promise to be different from Pinchas Wallerstien. Pinchas preceded him as head of the Benjamin Regional Council, and now Pinchas heads Moetzet YESHA.

Mateh Binyamin voted against the removal of Migron and the deal the government offered. Moetzet YESHA voted in favor of the deal. Not only did they vote in favor with any true debate. According to the press, it was unanimous. That proves that Moetzet YESHA is no more than a rubber stamp for the government and all of Adi Mintz's claims of a "new Moetzet YESHA" are the lies I accused him of when he was campaigning against Avi Ro'eh.

I ended up voting for Avi Ro'eh, not that I considered him my ideal candidate. So far I haven't seen any real improvement, nor the changes I was hoping for. This is his chance to show leadership and idealism. G-d willing, but humans have free will, so it's up to Avi.


Anonymous said...

I think that we should be precise here. The YESHA Council voted unanimously in favor of the deal, the Local Council of Binyamin voted overwhelmingly against it and Migron itself voted unanimously against it. Just whom is the YESHA Council representing? Itself? The "new" YESHA Council really isn't new anyway. It also has publicly stated that it will cooperate with the "real" YESHA Council. Just whom do they think they are kidding - or haven't the more gullible in the "orange camp" learned their lesson from the expulsion of three years ago?

Batya said...

Hadassa, excellent points.