Monday, August 4, 2008

Mad Dogs, Englishmen and...


It was pretty dumb of me to walk from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station to the Israel Museum at high noon yesterday. Especially since I lengthened the walk by stopping every few minutes to take a picture. Some of the pictures don't show Jerusalem in "the best light."

If the sun hadn't been high in the sky, I could have done it in twenty minutes, but between the weight of the sun and my camera, it took over half an hour. Not too bright, I admit.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy the pictures.

Jerusalem- between a rock and a hard place

Jerusalem- The Knesset

Jerusalem- Stringing High and Low

Jerusalem- Undergound

Jerusalem- Timing the Knesset

They're mostly of government offices and the site, pretty much empty, of the Handicapped Demonstration. They're protesting that it's impossible to live on the stipend the government gives them.

Jerusalem- Disabled Protest 2

Jerusalem- Disabled Protest 1

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