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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mail Jewish?

There was once an email group about Jewish topics called Mail Jewish. It was run by Avi Feldblum. Sometimes we'd get a few digests per day, and then sometimes weeks or more went by without anything.

So, in the beginning, when we hadn't gotten any digests, we weren't worried, but then the months dragged on and on...

Recently, I've received a few emails from people:
"Do you know what happened to Avi Feldblum? Is he alive? Is he dead?"

So, I'm asking. Does anybody know?

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov


Leora said...

I know Avi! I think they are living in PA now. They lived in Highland Park for a while, and when they come visit, he often comes to Cong. Etz Ahaim.

Do you remember a commentator named Sam Saal z"l? His wife is a dear friend of mine. I learned about Sam through that list, and then when we moved to Highland Park, we met him. Unfortunately, he passed away about three years ago.

Batya said...

Avi did an enormous job. It predated the blogs. He definitely contributed to modern Jewish life. If you ever see him, please pass on the message.

I vaguely remember Sam. One of the amazing things was coming across the names of people from my past who were part of mailjewish.

Shabbat shalom

goyisherebbe said...

Try avi_feldblum@att.com and see if it works. He has some kind of geek day job.

Batya said...

thanks, goyish, I'll pass it on to the person who asked.

Daled Amos said...

I asked Jacob Richman and he forwarded me this:

From: Avi Feldblum (feldblum@gmail.com)
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 10:33:35 -0400
Subject: Hello All

Hello All,

This is just a quick email to let you all know I am back, I know I have
been radio / email silent for a long time, I am going to try and come
back. Here in the US, it is Labor Day, so I have some free time to try
and catch up on various projects, and I will make mail-jewish one of the



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Batya said...

Thanks, we also just got the first mailing in a long time.

Anonymous said...

are you crazy he is my father i am aryeh saal

Batya said...

This is a vrry old post.