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Wednesday, August 13, 2008



For those who saw the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, the cute little girl singing wasn't singing. The girl who did the singing was deemed too fat and in need of orthodonture work.

Actors, actresses, models and even ordinary people avail themselves on all sorts of "corrective surgeries" and other improvements. Some people think that athletes should be allowed to do the same with medications, which don't damage their health...
And finally...

Just a few months ago, the media was filled with the lovey-dovey idealized marriage of John Edwards and his wife as they, very together, both campaigned for his nomination to be President of the United States and at the same time fought her cancer.

Apparently their perfect marriage was a sham. He has been having an affair and the latest information is that he even has a child with the other woman.
I remember how upset people were when it was revealed that JFK (and the other men in the family) weren't loyal to their wives. It's so hard to keep one's illusions, to believe what we see. I feel sorry for the young.

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