Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Humdinger

A Humdinger
By Sara Layah Shomron
Nitzan caravilla
The other day I got a ride into Nitzan by a visiting family looking for the "Nitzanim youth building." I suggested perhaps they want the kibbutz across the way? The back seat passenger gal asked me if I spoke English. The father had made yorida (emigrated from Israel) in 1984 (same year Yossi and I began our aliyah (ascend to Israel) and wanted to show his children places from his past. I then thought that perhaps he was referring to the Nitzan field school. They didn't think so but offered me a ride to "wherever I was headed."
I got in and told them I'd accompany them to where I thought they wanted to go. They, the late teenage-early twenty year gal Liora, twenty-something guy driver, and late 50's-early 60's man were a family visiting from New York.
As we approached the religious community of Nitzan (behind caravilla site and to which Neve Dekalim is extending) I instructed the driver to turn left and continue forward. The man thought to then turn right rather than continue forward as it looked familiar to him. The driver did as I instructed. "Yes, this is it!" the man exclaimed. The gal emphatically told me, "it was a good thing we picked you up or we would never have found it!"
I explained that behind them was a permanent site for those from the destroyed Neve Dekalim Gush Katif community that want to build here. The driver expressed surprise thinking not a single Gush Katif permanent site had made any progress let alone building. I pointed out the houses under construction and explained that some 70 families, including mine, are waiting for building permits... The driver offered to drive me back to the caravillas but I happily told him "thanks - but I can walk." He then asked if I was sure to which I said "it's no big deal" (I didn't want to take any time away from their family sharing).
I accompanied the family into the field school. As we walked I explained to Liora some of the historical significance adding explanatory markers are randomly placed around the site, and that a film is available inside for viewing The gal looked up and said, "Aba! We have a photo of you and Ima standing in front of this building!" I then told them I was happy to have been of help. As we parted the gal said, "Shabbat Shalom." As weird as it sounds I felt as though I was an angle on the road put there to direct them. I am strongly believe in hashgacha p'ratit,(Divine Providence) and firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.
On my walk back I suddenly felt a sting and saw a bee buzz away. I looked for the stinger, saw something that might have been it and removed it. I had never been bit by a bee before but as an allergic person knew I might be in trouble especially as my stung finger and hand immediately began to swell, become paralyzed and I had major pain. I cell-phoned home telling the children where I was and that if they didn't hear from me in five minutes to come with help to get me. I then cell-phoned our health clinic to find out if they were open - they were- and the perceptive receptionist asked me what was wrong. I quickly told her of my sting adding that I would be there in a few minutes. I promptly cell-phoned my children that I was just about at the health clinic.
The doctor wasn't in but nurse was. She told me to put the stung area under cold water and ice would help. I left the health clinic to find one of my children running up to me and saw two others walking in the direction from where I got stung.
We rushed home. One child got the freezer-pack out of the freezer. I immediately put my hand under running cold water while another child handed me an ice cube. I put my hand on the freezer-pack and ice cube on finger where I got stung. I then remembered from my Shiloh days working at the daycare facility that I was told by someone to put crushed garlic on a bee sting were someone to get stung. Strange what things we remember!
A couple weeks ago our local grocery store had a new item - frozen crushed garlic in a packet of some dozen or so small separate squares. I bought thinking I might use it - but hadn't until now. I applied it along with a combination of ice cubes, frozen ice-pack, cold water, a baking soda/water solution, and Benadryl gel. My hand remained itchy and swollen for two days.
"No good deed goes unpunished" a couple of people have responded upon hearing of this. I hate that expression - it's so not Jewish to me! I try to be of help to others whenever I can - not to receive any reward but because I believe it's the right thing to do. It's exciting to be a prt of "random acts of kindness;" increasing the amount of goodness in the world and part of tikun olam (fixing the world).


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Sara Layah said...

A refush shleima, complete and speedy recovery to the 4 year old; poor dear must have been in such pain!

And thank you for sharing this invaluable information about stings...

Keli Ata said...

Excellent first aid measures.

I would also suggest having oral Benadryl on hand (liquid, tablets, chewable tablets) and the use of cortizone cream to ease the itching and pain.

Another measure, which is also good for bites from jelly fish is ordinary meat tenderizer.

That's readily available in any supermarket.

As for swelling--ice.

If there's ANY shortness of breath, chest tightness, feelings of throat constriction, swelling around the mouth get the the hospital as soon as possible.

Hope this helps if G-d forbid someone you know gets stung in the future.

Sara Layah said...

Keli ata- I really appreciate your suggestions!

I've come to understand that Benadryl taken orally is far more effective than applying it in gel form.

And the allergic warning signs from a sting indicating immediate medical care/hospitalization are so essential for all to know. Thank you!

Batya said...

sara laya, That's some story. Thanks for posting it.