Thursday, August 14, 2008

Never Relax, But...

With Tricky Dick Etrog Olmert still in power, we can never relax. His single-digit popular "support," an oxymoron for sure, would stop anyone with any sort of honesty and integrity. But this is Olmert at the helm, the master of the self-help books that tout the importance of never showing doubt nor insecurity.

Information has been "leaked" to the press about his offering over 90% of Judea and Samaria to the terrorists, while our naive supporters keep saying that "he's on his way out." One thing that "comforts" me is that in his original proclamation, two years ago, he gave a time-table of less than a year. The Sharon-led Disengagement kept to its time-table.

So much is going on. I think that more and more people are seeing Moetzet YESHA for what it really is, just a government supported bunch of stooges, especially after their unanimous vote in favor of "transferring" Migron.

And at the same time, more pressure is being put on the government to allow Jews to just walk to Kever Rachel from Jerusalem. Of course, that would include driving over in regular cars instead of special bullet-proof buses.

Back to Olmert's plans, the Jews of Judea and Samaria are not the same personalities as were in Gush Katif. Topography and local flora would make it a real guerrilla battleground if the government really tries to destroy communities. We're not willing to be herded into borderline ghettos.

The Left thought that Disengagement and Amona broke us, but they're wrong.

We're not waiting passively for the government to make its moves.

PS And just a quick note, I was interviewed--ok by my husband--on Arutz 7 Radio about going to Tel Shiloh. Remember the next women's prayer meeting will be August 31, 9:45am. Hope to see you.

Tel Shiloh is open for visitors at all times. For more information call the Tourist Office, 02-994-4019. There is, also, a Coffee Shop--Gallery. Snacks, photos, art work and souvenirs are for sale. Meals for groups can be arranged.

And remember, it's not Olmert, nor Bush, nor the UN which rules the world!


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about the master politician. He promises only that which the invented people won't accept. You need to worry about the next one in power. Hang on for the ride.

Batya said...

Very true. The right is more dangerous than the left, but we can't have the left either.